Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Last year I didn't do so hot with the trick and treat part of Halloween.
In my defense, dressed up kids are scary.
However, after this past weekend,
when Mom had guests that I did not STOP barking at for three days...
and she threatened to send me away....
I tried to turn on a little bit of charm.
Lincoln of course turned the charm up to full max.
He greeted each child at the door with a pug tail wag and a kiss.

Here he is getting all the attention.

Here I am with Mom.
I had to sit on the steps.
I only barked at one kid.
He was dressed a creepy serial killer though.
He totally deserved the barking.

And it's ridiculous I can't bark
when the doorbell is ringing
And there is lots of tiny strangers in my house.
I think my face expression says it all.
Nuff said on this topic!


  1. I don't blame you Minnie Moo. I barked at every single one of the kids at our door. Mack just wagged his tail and gave out kisses. Hu-mom had treats at the door for us to help me calm down and stop barking. It worked pretty well.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Don't worry, Minnie Moo, it's a two person operation to give out candy at our house too. I will not back down in protecting the house even if mom and dad willingly keep opening the door to these strange little people and give them our foodables! I was stuck on the couch to look out at the front door with dad holding me put as mom stayed by the candy bowl. Oh, well!

  3. Sounds like our house. I was restrained in the family room with mom, while Arnie got to greet the kids in his cute pumpkin collar. Doesn't he know those are goblins?

    I'm with YOU, girl.

  4. Good point, Minnie Moo-those scary kids DESERVE to get barked at. Woof woof. xoxo

  5. Smartees!!! I was less than thrilled with all the kids tromping through Grandma's yard for trick or treat, so momma bribed me with Smartees! They were so worth not barking at the kids. You should try it next year! =)



  6. Strange small people ringing your doorbell and coming to the door demanding foodables and you aren't allowed to bark at them?? What's up with that?? Minnie, you were just doing your job protecting your house!

  7. We didn't like it at all! Mama made us some pumpkin cookies on Sunday and then she gave some away when those 2-legged kids brought their 4-legged kids. We don't mind sharing but they didn't even stay long enough to play with us. What's up with that???

  8. Mom tried to use Vinny's & my terrible door manners as an excuse to turn our porch light off last night. Really it was because she didn't want to spend money on Halloween candy for a bunch of strange children. But we really do have terrible door manners, I'll give her that. Eh, it's part of our charm.

    Off to get all caught up on your blog now! We've missed you guys!


  9. BOL! Love your expression! Mommy had to put a bowl outside for the trick or treaters 'cause we were thinking that everybody was there to play with us and we are too jumpy-Mommy was a bit upset with us :( so I know how you feel!
    Maddy and Owen

  10. Oww Minnie Moo! I barked too but once the door was open I enjoyed looking at the ghosts and ghouls that came to my door, they all wanted to cuddle me! Well done to Linc for being such a good boy, you really don't look happy love you! I hope you got some Halloween treats though! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  11. Wait isn't our job to go totally nuts when someone comes to the door?! I thought thats what it said in my manual...I have to read that again...could have sworn it said jump at the door, bark like a maniac and growl like you own the place. uummmpphhh!

  12. Oh Minnie I don't like it either. Mom finally disconnected the doorbell because I wouldn't shut up. Seriously, did she really think I wouldn't hear them knocking too? Then she had the nerve to blame me for the fact that she turned off the porch light early and hid out in her bedroom until it was all over.

  13. I can't believe you only barked once. How did you contain yourself?? I think you deserve a bully stick for that. I'm sorry but if the doorbell rings, we go NUTS. No if, and or butts about it. I nearly fall backwards I bark so hard.