Monday, February 13, 2012

Spa Night

Last night was "spa" time.
Which means we were smelly
and Mom said we couldn't sleep with her
Until we had a bath.
Personally, I love baths
I've been known to just jump in
Lincoln literally has to be shamed into it
He never disobeys so if Mom points her finger
He goes, tail and head down

As much as I like a good bath
I don't enjoy drying off.
I'd much rather attack the towel
Or Lincoln

Here's Lincoln, looking at Yoda again.
Seriously Dude you are YODA.
Anyway after drying off we got our teeth brushed.
Lincoln wanted his breath to smell good for Valentine's Day
He has a special someone ya know

I bit that stupid toothbrush too.
A girl can't play it too easy.

Monday, February 6, 2012


The other dogs might make fun of me
But when it gets cold, I like to wear a coat.
If you don't put a coat on me
And you expect me to go outside
I'm going to shake like a Chihuahua
Just so you know
All the cool dogs wear coats
With hoods

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Car Trips

No such luck catching the mouse.
Seriously, I'm a pug not a bloodhound.
On vacation, we did lots and lots of traveling
From Naples to Miami
So I did lots and lots of sleeping in the car
Linky and I had separate car seats
In Florida as opposed to Kentucky where we share one.
We didn't like being apart
Or rather Linky got anxious.
So we compromised
Mom put a dog bed in the middle
And we stretched
Until we could lay next to each other
Cuz everyone knows
Long trips in the car involve snuggling

P.S. Lincoln looks like an old man when he sleeps, no?


Minnie Moo