Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're Back

We're back.
With a bang.
And we have a real mouse.

Not that pretend one that I've been blaming everything on.
He moved in while we were gone for a month.
Maybe he thought we weren't coming back.

Since Mozart (the cat brother) passed
I guess I will have to be the new mouse enforcer.
Bring it Mouse.
Cuz I'm Minnie and I'm a ninja pug.


Minnie Moo

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Love Letter

(This is a love letter from Lincoln to Lily Jayne (Lil Lil) of the Slimmer Pugs. Sadly, he was on vacation during Lily's birthday and feels really sad about it. So he asked to do an open love letter, which is a really big step for the normally shy Linky. Please forgive him Lily ~ Minnie Moo)

Dear Lily Jayne,
(Love of my puggy life)

I forgot your birthday. I understand that is an unforgivable boyfriend sin. I'd like to blame my mom, who hasn't been on Blogger in a month for my absence. Yes, she was away at school but she could have been more on top of these things. But I'd also like to apologize openly since you are my girlfriend. Oh Lily, please forgive me. Your puggy face warms my puggy heart. I want no other pug but you. I hope you had the best Lily day ever and that my present in the mail at least begins to make it up to you.



P.S. I like that you just turned three, I like dating younger women :)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Putting your paw down

(picture taken on a cell phone,
sorry for the creepy pug eyes)

Saturday Advice
Sometimes you gotta put your paw down.
If you don't want to go out
Just lay there until they give up.

Minnie Moo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beach Pugs

We had the BEST time in Florida.
But then we had to come home.
Don't worry we are going back to Florida tomorrow.
Mom has "school stuff" in South Beach.
I like to think of myself as a movie star
Who gets to travel around...
Except there is no paparazzi except Mom
But at least she takes my picture a lot.

Anyway, here I am on my way to the beach.
The BEACH rocks. Ya'll should try it.

Here is Linky and I at the beach.
Linky is annoying the hell out of that lady and her dog.
He does this at the dog park too.
He barks and barks in high pitched "yips" to whoever has a toy.

It's like he's a different dog.
He gets so excited and chases everyone around.
And he never shuts up.
Mom used to apologize but most people think he's adorable.
They laugh at how excited and insane he is.
Oh well.
I ran my heart out at the beach.
I jumped in the waves, chased the big dogs and let everyone pet me.
I even embarrassed Mom when I decided to use the bathroom
Right next to someone's cooler.
Hey, don't bring your cooler to the dog beach!

We took more pictures
But we are still playing catch up at home.
Catch ya'll later!


Minnie Moo