Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diva Airplane Ride

So we went to Florida over the weekend for Mom's birthday and Memorial Day. It was a blast.
We took a plane and had to ride in a carrier under the seat. Again.
Last time, Lincoln had various meltdowns over this, so Mom made sure to give him some sleepy meds and he did fantastic. Everyone thought he was the sweetest.
Since I had been so good in the past, I didn't have to take any meds.
I proved Mom wrong. I terrorized my carrier, scratching it furiously, barking at people and have an overall diva fit.
I might even change my name to something "diva" like, Cher or Beyonce.

Here is Lincoln being a non-diva.

Diva Minnie

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dogs in scarves and Oprah

One of Mama's friends found Minnie on a random website of Oprah quotes and dogs wearing scarves. It doesn't make any sense to us either. If you google dogs in scarves, Minnie comes up. Lincoln is a little jealous that his scarf picture didn't make the google cut. Mama doesn't know whether to be upset that Minnie's picture was taken from the blog without permission or proud that Minnie is considered adorable. It's a very confusing time in our house. Any thoughts are welcomed.


I'm so tired I can only open one eye this morning...

Minnie Moo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thank you everyone for advice on Lincoln's allergies. Mama is going to call the vet and figure out her different options for shots/testing.

On a much happier and sunnier note, Lincoln and I got to sunbathe this weekend. It was beautiful. Then we got hot and just napped in the air conditioner instead.

We have been trying to build up our endurance for Florida this weekend...we are leaving Friday to spend Memorial weekend for Mama's birthday. I'm super excited for the beach, pool and even the airplane ride. I love it when people stop us in the airport and want to tell me how cute I am. One can never be loved too much.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I have allergies. Last August when I was rescued, they were convinced I had mange because of the shape my skin was in. But alas, no mange just bad allergies. It seems I am allergic to grass. This winter my skin was lots better until I went to Florida in January. Now, with the sunshine finally making an appearance in Kentucky, I'm developing spots. Again. Mama gives me an allergy pill everyday, along with oatmeal baths every two weeks and special food she makes.
Despite all of this, I'm scratching. All night.




Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Wardrobe

Looking at what's going to be in style this summer really has my head spinning...

There is no way my puggy figure is going to look good in any of these! What am I going to do?! ~Minnie

Girls are so weird sometimes ~ Lincoln

Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Puggy Pet Peeves

Thank you to everyone for sympathizing with us over the loss of our kitty brother. We miss him terribly but know that time will make things better.

So to lighten the mood, I'm sharing 10 puggy pet peeves.

1) Blaming your smelliness on me. Whether it be because you were too lazy to bathe or you tooted, blaming the pug is never cool.

2) Yelling at me for barking. I bark. That's how I communicate. Get over it.

3) Taking me for a walk and then not letting me check things out. Um, whose walk is this for anyway? You're constantly rushing me when there are so many great things to smell.

4) Stop trying to teach me the trick of balancing food on my nose or any tricks. I don't have a nose. This stresses me out. I want just the treat.

5) Stop putting things on my head like hats. This is why I chew up pee pads and stuff while you are gone. I'm annoyed. Or maybe bored. I forget easily.

6) The ole "fake" fetch throw. Really this is mean. Yes, it fools me every time but hey aren't you humans supposed to be at the top of the food chain? Do you really need to prove it even in a game of fetch? I have almost caught on, be prepared.

7) The vet. The vet always includes things like being made to throw up, sticking things up my butt or surgery for just a little "snip." (this one is for Lincoln) Then you act surprised when I dislike the place in the future. Um, nothing good happens there.

8) Getting upset when I sniff crotches of guests. Hello, no one has taught me to use the "handshake" I'm just checking them out.

9) When I sneeze in your face and you then you whine that I'm doing it on purpose. I sneeze. You sneeze. I can't put my paw over my nose when I know it's coming.

10) That you become disgusted when I lick myself. Aren't you always complaining I smell? My recently deceased cat brother licked himself and no one complained....I ain't saying but I'm just saying...

Raise your paw if you understand.

Minnie Moo
a.k.a the "Mooster"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Lincoln and I don't talk about our cat brother, Mozart, very much. This is probably because while he was our older brother, he no longer lived with us. He had to move back to grandma's house since he tried (unsuccessful) to kill me on numerous occasions.
Sadly, he went over the rainbow bridge this weekend.
He was sixteen years old and just passed away in his sleep.
Even though he hated me with a fiery passion, I always loved him. Every time we went to grandma's house I looked for him. I loved his cat food, his favorite toy ("bear-bear") and loved to play the chase game with him. Mom says Mozart wasn't necessarily playing the chase game as in he was chasing me off but if you ask me that is just logistics.
And of course mom loved him.
Her grandma gave her Mozart when she was ten years old. They had been through a lot, elementary, middle and high school. He moved around her with her when she was in college and lasted through numerous boyfriends.
So here's to Mozart, our dear cat brother that is now crossing the rainbow bridge to wait on the rest of us.
Loved you Mo-Mo, may you find some peace away from two annoying pug siblings finally.


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Friday, May 13, 2011

The incident of the pancake and donuts

So it's been a rough week around our house. Lincoln has gone off the deep end. Usually it's me that eats everything. After Lincoln discovered he could jump the baby gate, the pantry became a free for all buffet. He started this week with the Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. The next day he ate the Kix and Wheaties. Mom was pretty mad and so was I but for a different reason. If you're the older sibling and you can jump the gate, you should at least bring food back to share. Mom kept shutting the pantry door but Uncle Travis would forget to close it after he was in there. There were lots of accusations flying around. For once I wasn't in trouble. It was super weird.

Anyway, yesterday when Mom got home she found this mess in the pantry...

Yep, that's Fiber One Pancake Mix that Lincoln decided looked mighty tasty. He couldn't hide the evidence either, it was all over his nose.

Mom was pretty upset having to clean up that whole mess and Lincoln. When she left again later, she made sure the door was securely shut. Good ole' Uncle Travis forgot again or maybe Lincoln developed thumbs because when Mom came back home, Lincoln had eaten a box of chocolate donuts. That's when Mom fell apart. Something about dogs and chocolate. To top it all off Lincoln was wheezing really bad and could barely breathe. Mom had entire meltdown, gathered us all up in the car and rushed Lincoln to the emergency vet.

Here I am waiting patiently on my brother...

Well Lincoln had to be induced to throw up all of the goodies he had ingested and it cost a pretty penny. Mom says it was worth it because not only did someone else have to clean up Lincoln's puke but she could sleep better knowing he was going to be okay.

Now Mom has engineered a setup where Lincoln can't jump over the gate because there are two on top of each other. Finally she appears to have outsmarted him. Silly humans, sometimes they are soooooo slow.

Lincoln's been feeling pretty poor but no one has had a lot of sympathy for him. I mean he did eat an entire box of pancake mix and then chocolate donuts. That's enough to make anyone's stomach hurt. Then to have to be forced to throw it up in front of strangers?! It was quite a night for everyone.

The most important thing is, it wasn't my fault, I didn't do it and I didn't get sick!


Minnie Moo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lincoln, here. This is the face of a pug with tummy trouble. Why do I feel so sick?
Um, because I pulled a "Minnie." You know how Minnie is always sneaking up on the kitchen table and blaming it on a big mouse?
Well Uncle Travis left out an opened box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios.
I don't know if any of you have ever had this particular type of Cheerio but they are delicious.
So delicious in fact, I ate the entire box.
I couldn't blame it on Minnie or her "large mouse" theory because the gate was up.
And I can jump the gate.
So the current theory is I jumped the gate, ate the Cheerios and then jumped back over before anyone was the wiser.
Hoping Minnie would get blamed.
I forgot one small detail. Minnie can't jump. She might be an evil mastermind but the gate is her arch enemy.

The evidence....

Remember early how I said I ate them all? Okay, I left a couple. I'm not greedy.

Notice I opened the box as nicely as I could considering I have no thumbs. Minnie would have totally eaten the box, the bag and all of the Cheerios.

These are really the best. Unfortunately, you will be up all night with gas and other horrible stuff. Stuff your mama will have to clean up and she will say some not nice things to you.
But I still say they were worth it.

Notice how tiny my waist was before? It doesn't look that tiny this morning.
I look more like a bloated hot mess of a pug.

Oh and Minnie isn't speaking to me. She's not happy she got left out of the Cheerio frenzy.



Monday, May 9, 2011

A belated mother's day

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all mothers of four legged furry children.
I know, personally, that my four legged babies have brought an immense amount of joy into my life. They make me laugh when I feel like crying after a long day, they comfort me and keep me from ever feeling lonely. Even when they appear to have destroyed yet another pair of ear buds or chewed on my favorite pair of high heels, it's difficult for me to stay mad. Those sweet faces and all of the love they have given me makes quickly forgive them like only a mother would do.
So whether you are a mother to a human child or a four legged child, hope you have a wonderful day.


Minnie and Lincoln's mom

Friday, May 6, 2011

No idea

I have no idea how this happened. I was just minding my own business on top of the kitchen table when I spied the salt shaker. Have you ever tried salt? Well it's delicious. Maybe more delicious than toilet paper but the verdict is still out. Anyway I got really into licking the salt shaker. Next thing I know it made a huge crash as it hit the floor. Uh ohhhhhhh....

Mom came running into the kitchen. Luckily, I had already jumped to the floor and was busy cleaning up the salt. Did Mom appreciate my help? Um no. I even tried explaining how I had no idea how it happened. She no longer believes the large mouse theory. Especially since I was in the kitchen by myself. Dang that Lincoln. He's always being such a goodie toe shoes.

I really have no idea.

Minnie Moo

Monday, May 2, 2011

Study Pal

Wow, Lincoln look at this...I totally understand the regression model for Mom's Stat class

Yeah, I don't get it Minnie, it's kind of all Spanish to me

Yeah, guess so Stats is pretty boring

We can help Mom in other ways, like keeping her company. No one likes to do Stats alone.