Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyday should be Sunday

We met some pretty awesome pug lovin' people and pugs through our blog.
They live in Kentucky, have an awesome girl diva pug like me and a foster brother from the pug rescue. Chole, the other "diva" pug is owned by a pretty little girl named Tessa and her momma, Suzy. Ralphie, the foster brother was actually getting adopted the same day we met.
We met up at the dog park to do some pug meetin' and greetin'.
Ya know pug style, snortin' and playing.

However, when we got to the park, Lincoln went into full LOVE MACHINE mode.
See Lincoln is a love machine when it comes to the fairer sex.
Every time we go to the dog park, he falls in love, sometimes twice.
Mom is constantly apologizing to other dog owners.
He means no harm, he just wants a girlfriend.
So when he saw Chole, he lost his mind.
Because she is BEAUTIFUL.

Here is Lincoln trying to whisper sweet nothings in Chole's ear.

Here is Tessa and me. She understood my need to be adored and carried around.
We could totally work out a system where I just followed her around.
She was pretty much the coolest.
Chole and I ran around after her, she was the ring leader in our diva group.

Here is Ralphie who now has a new home.
He suffers from seizures like Payton and that's why someone gave him up,
even though he's a sweetheart.
Ralphie has the best wrinkles on his face.
He was really excited about getting adopted and kept running to the fence to look out.
Or he was looking for a shady spot, he wasn't really into the whole "sun bathing" thing.
Lincoln made sure to give him some pointers on being adopted.

(P.S. I wish you could see Suzy's shirt! It is a Pug Project Runway t-shirt about leaving no pug behind...)

And that's Chole who is pretty as a picture.

Here's Lincoln, Chole and me chilling in whatever shade we could find.

It was the best Sunday morning we've had a long time. New friends, pugs and a sunny day. To top it all off, Ralphie got adopted and has a new home.
Everyday should be Sunday.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scoot Over

Um, Minnie can you give a brother some room on the blanket?

Seriously, scoot over're taking up the whole blanket!

Sisters, can't live with them, can't live without them.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free to a good home

We've been busy.
Our water went out
And we had to move in with Grandma for a week.
Which has been quite the adventure.
Except I'm about to lose my happy home.

I peed in Grandma's closet.
I peed in Grandma's bed.
I didn't tell anymore either.
I left it as a surprise.
No one liked the surprise.

Mom says I'm free to a good home.
Oh dear.

Minnie Moo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Land of Minnie Troubles

There sure has been a lot of talk recently about how sweet or good my stinky brother is. Well let me tell you, being good and sweet is no fun. Well sometimes I'm sweet when I'm tired and need someone to hold me while I rest. Other than that, life is about exploring and having fun, not being stuck to Mom's side like a magnet. So I thought I would share some of my latest adventures in the world of TROUBLE.

For example, yesterday morning when Mom was in the shower, I totally knocked over a trashcan that was like four times my size to chew on an ear of corn. It didn't matter that it was already eaten, it was totally edible if the trashcan had not made so much noise when it hit the floor. Better luck next time.

I also got into an awesome fight with a rogue cat that lives around the corner. At my new place, there are cats everywhere, which is totally cool because I used to have a cat brother. I love cats, they like to play the chase game. Mom says they are chasing me to go away but really it all amounts to me getting chased. Anyway, on our nightly walk for my stinky brother, who still won't go in the backyard, I came across the rogue cat. He did some little hissy thing which supposedly means stay away. Lincoln backed up but I went forward with a vengeance, he was obviously just playing hard to get. Unfortunately, he swiped me quicker than you could yell, "pug." Mom dragged me off and practically ran home to make sure I still had my pug eyes. Thankfully, with my awesome reflexes I appear to be unharmed. I can't wait to meet that cat again. Though I did have some nightmares that resulted in me waking up barking...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mondays are good for...

Monday's are good for finding a big basket of dirty clothes and snuggling.
And no, I still haven't figured out that the backyard is my new personal bathroom.
So I'm just gonna hide in these clothes until Mom leaves me alone about it.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New House

We really love our new house. It has a sun room to nap in, hardware to slide on and a backyard to pee in. But there is one small problem. Lincoln doesn't understand this "backyard" potty thing. He understands a "walk."

So he goes outside and suns himself but that's all he wants to do. He doesn't like to use the backyard for his business. He will even wait all day for a walk without any accidents. So Mom asks, how do you train a stinky brother (my addition) to use his new backyard and stop wanting his usual 4 walks a day?

On another note, the good pug child (aka ME) is doing great adjusting to her backyard and new home. Some pugs are just smarter.


Minnie Moo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Flying Pug Style

(Mom sitting at our gate with Lincoln and I in carriers)

Everyone always asks how we fly I thought I would try to answer that today.
We fly under Mom's seat which is kind of expensive: $150 a dog one-way. So for a whole trip it can cost up to $500 for just Lincoln and I. It is also only one dog per person, so she always has to have someone with her and I count as a carry-on. No one believes I am a service dog. I could totally lead a blind person if there wasn't so many yummy, distracting, possible things to eat everywhere...and Lincoln could totally be a drug dog if he was not the MOST FRIENDLY ANIMAL on the planet. Really, Lincoln is way too nice. He lets anyone pet him....please have some dignity, make the humans work for it.

Anyway, Mom can't bear the thought of us flying under the plane, she has some fear of it being too cold or too hot. My carrier is smaller than Lincolns because I'm almost half his size. Lincoln flies in the biggest carrier allowed by the airline and the largest weight size. He only weighs 21 pounds and the max weight is around 23 pounds. He is able to completely turn around in his carrier and stretch out though. The airlines always make sure we are not bulldogs because supposedly they have a really hard time breathing with less oxygen up on the plane. I have had the nose surgery and have never had a problem breathing up there so I think it is just a precaution.

When we first get to the airport we have to be checked in at the desk, then taken through security (which means out of our carriers and everyone gets to "ohhh" and "ahhh" over how adorable we are) and then back in our carriers for flight time. We have a system.

Lincoln and I have never had an accident in our carriers because they are kind of like crates. No one wants to go where they sleep. We try to take flight options that get us straight there on one plane so we don't have to hold it very long. Whenever we get to our destination or before we take off, Mom makes sure we both have plenty of time to use the bathroom. She doesn't let either of us walk through the airport either because I've been known to just take a squat wherever I please despite all consequences. Likewise, Lincoln loves to mark his spot on everything and airports have lots of spots to mark. Food isn't an issue either because she just feeds us before or after.

We love to be with Mom so it is well worth it to ride in a carrier to go cool places. I do throw some Minnie fits and scratch furiously once we land because I want out immediately. Mom usually helps us out with any anxiety by giving me half a Benedryl and Lincoln a whole one. That way we can rest peacefully but not be drugged up with Vet medicine.

That's about it. We are pretty lucky that we've both been to Florida multiple times and to Minnesota. I'm looking into other trip options for pug friendly places....who knows where we will go next?!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minniehaha Park

We promise to eventually get around to our new house and yard but for now....

We would like to share this awesome park we went to while we were still in Minnesota. It was awesome mainly because it was called "Minniehaha" which kept confusing me every time I would hear it. I believe some tribal Indian warrior must have had a similar name to mine. But I digress.

It was also awesome because Mom had to pull a "Minnie" move in which she had to bat her eyelashes and look as innocent as possible when the park cop asked for our dog permit. She assured him that we were simple country folk from Kentucky who had never heard of such a thing!

The dog park was a huge 75 acre, right on the Mississippi off the leash space. Lincoln and I were not allowed off of our leashes because we had a plane to catch later and Mom didn't want us getting dirty or lost.

I also was able to see my first ever waterfall and eat outside in a plastic bowl before catching a flight out.

I felt very much like a movie star pug with a stinky brother.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gotcha Day

Today is Lincoln's gotcha day. So here's a letter from Mom to Lincoln.


One year ago today, I got an e-mail from the pug rescue saying they had a male pug they found wandering on the side of a busy road. They had no additional information. I drove a county over to pick you up and when I saw you for the first time my heart broke. You had been chained and you had big sores covering your whole body. You were the skinniest pug I had ever seen and I wasn't entirely convinced you even were a pug you were so dirty. The lady that had kept you until I got there handed you to me on a rope. You smelled quite horrific but I didn't care, I loved you immediately. I kept wondering how I could ever give up this sweet foster baby. You rode in my lap and gave me as many kisses as you could manage. I took you immediately to IncrediPet to get you a harness and you ran straight to the toy aisle and grabbed the ugliest looking purple ferret I had ever seen. I bought it anyway. I almost had to buy a whole rack of Dog Fancy magazines when you gracefully lifted your leg and peed on them in front of the store.

Silly me, I thought you would sleep in a crate that first night. I put you in the crate and turned out the lights intending to go to sleep. You wailed, moaned and howled. Minnie even cried when she heard you. So Minnie and I got you out of your crate and put your still smelly pug body in bed with us and we all cuddled. There was no turning back, you had wiggled your way into everyone's heart. I tried so hard to let you remain a foster but I knew you were meant to live with Minnie and I. When I thought about the troubles you had probably seen and the way you flinched when people bent down to pet you, I worried readjusting you to another family would only hurt you more.

You are my sweet boy and one of my best friends Linky Loo. You had incredible amounts of patience with your sister and provide me with the best companionship possible. I wouldn't trade you for anything.

Loves you,


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Minneapolis Residency WrapUp

We are back from our lovely time in Minnesota. We were super good in the hotel room and used downtown Minneapolis sidewalk like we would any patch of grass in good ole' Kentucky.

While it took some adjustment, we missed our grass...

Grandma and Mom found us lots of parks

But every dog park required a dog permit! This is unheard of in Kentucky. Every pug and dog is allowed free reign in unleashed areas.

Despite this small misunderstanding, we love Minneapolis. Everyone treated us like royalty.
But man it is good to be home.