Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Long Time No Bark

Hi Y'all,
Well, it appears we have been gone about a YEAR! This is highly unacceptable, I have plenty of things to say and obviously no outlet in which to say them.  Unfortunately, my paws are just not good at typing the right keys and therefore, I rely on my secretary who has been more concerned with her dissertation, internship, wedding and basic needs in life.  I have taken this problem to upper management and it should be fixed soon.  We have been keeping up with some of our bloggy fur-friends via Facebook but Lincoln has missed his love, Lily Jayne.  Therefore, we are BACK. Until my secretary fails me again....

What have I been up??? Oh you know, chasing things, causing mayhem and disorder, and exercising.

Minnie Moo
<and kind of Lincoln too>