Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Gawd Mom....

This picture is so embarrassing. 

How am I supposed to pretend Lincoln is annoying when he is such a good snuggler?! 

Minnie Moo

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prezzies from the girlfriend

My girlfriend, Lily Jayne, sent me some awesome prezzies for my Gotcha Day.  
I was pretty excited and tried opening the package myself.  
Paws make opening things difficult though....

 Come on Mom, open the dang package

Hi Lily, I really love the outside of my package, wish Mom would just open it....

Of course as soon as Mom opened it, Minnie was right there, all up in my business.

Minnie just had to see what was inside. She doesn't like to be left out.... 

And then my face got stuck in the package. I'm really glad Mom only took one picture  of that....embarrassing 

I grabbed the first thing I saw, a heart shaped sock monkey toy

I took off, with Minnie right on my puggy tail

This started a small fight

It's okay though, I'm bigger and I won.
I LOVE stuffie toys.

I got lots of other awesome stuff too, like food

Looks like I will be sharing with Minnie

The last gift was the most special though.
Lily sent name tags for Minnie and me!

Name tags mean a lot to a rescue dog.  I didn't have a name when Mom first met me and now I have a name.  Most importantly, I have a name tag so I will never get lost again.  Now everyone knows my name.  

Awesome view of my new tags....

Minnie's tags

Thank you SOOOOO much Lily Jayne.
You really know what a boy pug loves, food, stuffies and something with his name on it. 

So Minnie says that is too much mushy gushy stuff. She just wants a treat and her blog back. 
We still have lots to catch up on.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wait, what?!

Wait, what? You mean you are going on a trip without US?! How could you? We are practically packed, let me grab us a small snack for the road....And hey we are already sitting so well in our car seat....

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lincoln's Second Gotcha Day

Hi Y'all,

We've been missing for quite some time....but it didn't mean we weren't still thinking about all of you! A couple of our bloggy friends have found us on Facebook, so that's been awesome. If you have Facebook, let us know so we can connect!

Anyway, lots and lots has happened...Mom got engaged!? WHAT?!  So that's been a huge time waster after I found out that I'm totally not a part of the wedding.  Something about how I get all crazy around people sometimes.  Whatever.

And Lincoln's second Gotcha day happened last week.  Mom and I are both really super THANKFUL for Linky.  Yes, I may attack him unprovoked and have to sit in time-out sometimes. Yes, he takes up room on Mom's lap....blah blah. But he makes a really awesome napping buddy.  He also plays bitey face and lets me be the boss.

So anyway, that's us waiting on Mom to give us cheeseburgers for Lincoln's special day. How mean was that, making us wait while she took a picture? Come on Mom...first the wedding nonsense and now waiting on the burger?  Sigh, good thing I put up with her.

Anyway, we have lots to share and catch up with everyone!


Minnie Moo

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hehe, don't let them catch us riding "dirty" Lincoln!
Good thing Spa night is coming up....


Minnie Moo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day of pugs

Lincoln and I had the opportunity to meet up with Chole and her foster brothers over the weekend. Chole is the adorable pug we met awhile back. Her mama fosters pugs for the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue which is where Lincoln is from (i.e. we were foster failures). 

(Prepare to be overwhelmed with pug pictures taken by Chole's mama. We just had too much fun not to share)

Here is Sunny, Ozzie and me attacking mom all at the same time. 
Sunny and Ozzie are foster brothers.

This diva pug is Chole. She's tiny like me.
Here is mom handing out free pug butt scratches to Ozzie. 
I tried to not be jealous.
Chole's human sister Tessa is loving on Sunny. 
He's such a good boy.
With all the snorting going on, a water break was a must.
Here I am, looking for someone to adore me...
Chole's mom says she looks like a fruit bat here...hehe
Pugs look like fruit bats! <3
Don't worry, we weren't snooty, we made friends with everyone.
Or at least Chole and I checked them out...
Hey, you're not a pug....
Ozzie (fawn pug) and Sunny (black pug), foster brothers looking for a forever home.
There was so much sniffing and snorting...
Lincoln had to be put on a leash at the end.
He wanted to run with the big dogs
and he kept forgetting to come when his name was called...
Silly Lincoln
Unsurprisingly, I decided since I was the smallest, I had to be top dog. 
I choose the oldest pug.
Best to start out conquering someone you know is going to let you win.
Mom continued to hand out belly rubs to Ozzie. 
We all watched in jealousy.
Tessa, Chole's human sister, holding me. 
See, I can play nice when I want to be held.
Another successful puggy play date.


Minnie Moo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby Day

Hello All, 
Since we live in Kentucky, we love to celebrate the Derby. 
For most this involves a fancy hat.
Lincoln and I are not really into hats but don't worry we still dressed up.
I went for the crown because it fits.
Lincoln decided a more serious dapper approach with the glasses.
We just LOVE horses. 
And speaking of horses, we are getting to go to camp with some horses here in a couple of weeks.
Mom is going to Key West and has decided the trip will be too much for two pugs.
So she arranged for "camp."
We get to stay at a farm with cats, dogs, horses and lots of room to run.
We visited this weekend after the Derby. 
Mom's a little afraid Mr. Lincoln is going to feel abandoned again. 
Personally, I think Lincoln will be too distracted by the horses to even worry about Mom.


Minnie Moo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 I'm a big believer in keeping my friends close and my stuffies closer. 
Grandma got me Chickie for Easter.
I don't tear them up, I just like to have them close by.
Conveniently, Chickie likes the outdoors as much as I do.
 Mom won't let me take him on walks though.

Minnie, stop making fun. 
You're just jealous because you can't pick him up.



Monday, April 30, 2012

Bed eating

We've been gone way too long and I'd like to blame it all on mom. She has so many excuses, like she had surgery a week ago, she's writing a dissertation, she works too much and I, Minnie Moo, require too much personal attention.

Yes, I get bored easily. I'm sorry I don't enjoy sitting and hanging on your every word like another pug that lives in this household. I've got things to do, places to see, and people to bark at. You wanna know what my new thing is? Eating the bed. Maybe wood is fibrous, who knows? It really gets your owner's attention, just in case any of you were looking for someone to chase you. 

We have been keeping up with some of our pug and other doggy friends via twitter. If we haven't found you yet on twitter, message us our twitter handle!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Pictures

Mama tried to play catch up on our blog
By taking some spring pictures
But we just were not feeling it....

I had somewhere else to be
Lincoln is on his own....

Um, are we supposed to be both looking at the camera, at the same time?

Linky, come back....

Yeah, you're not getting a spring picture Mom.

Minnie Moo and Lincoln

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Musings

I'm just thankful she didn't try to put the ears on me.
That other guy can wear them.


Minnie Moo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Porch Pugs

Lincoln enjoys laying out on the pillows.

However, I am much smarter and would prefer to lay on Mama.
Not only is she soft but she also gives great massages.

Awww, love us some sunshine.


Minnie Moo