Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hi, I'm Lincoln and I LOVE this pink ball.
I am so obsessed with it, sometimes Mom has to hide it from me.
I carry it everywhere and want it by me at all times.
I've even tried to sleep with it.

Minnie can't really pick it up because she's too small
But just because I LOVE it so much, she tries to steal it.
And because she can't steal it, she beats me up.
This causes Mom to stomp her feet and hide the pink ball.

By the way I believe that pink can be a very manly color.
I don't care what Minnie says, real pug boys love pink.
I'm evolved.



  1. You're cute! That's what you are!! Sorry Minnie tries to beat you up. I bet you are a gentleman too and don't hit back.

  2. Hi Lincoln,
    Pink becomes you. That ball looks like fun but like Minnie I am on the small side and would probably not be able to manage it. But gimme a small apple and I am THERE!!!
    Love Noodles

  3. Oh Lincoln you are just too cute on this picture, and you look like you really LOVE your pink ball :) I love boys which loves pink, so it means I love you and I'm happy about it:) lots of kisse Pink Boy :) Misiober

  4. Minnie is just being a grumblestump. You play with the pink ball until your heart is content! Mom doesn't let me play with a ball because I become OBSESSED. Like psychotic obsessed.


  5. Somehow the pink just fits you Lincoln. Don't worry we won't think any less of you for loving pink. Mom makes Tucker wear the FruFru sweater sometimes, now that is something to make fun of! That really is a nice looking ball, lucky for you that Minnie can't pick it up.

  6. Just like a brother & sister...what you have he or she wants...

    Chloe is obsessed with tennis (aka tenny) balls and we have to keep them outside because she is a nut when they are in the house.

    Pink is a studly color, too, Linky, so no worries xoxo

  7. Oh my Lincoln! I loves balls, too!! Wesa have so much in common. Can I come over and play with your pink ball with you? Your mama and daddy can supervise.
    Kisses and Hugs,
    Lily Jayne (am I still your girl?)

  8. You look good with pink Lincoln.

    What is it with sisters and always wanting what you have!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  9. I got one of those but it's a barbell...I'm crazy about that thing and I take it with me all over the house and make him play tug a war with it!!!

  10. Lincoln you look very pug-manly with the ball...go ahead and enjoy it!

  11. Awww Lincoln you are super cute! I cant believe that Minnie would be so mean to take your fave ball from you! She is a Meany Moo! I love pink too and lilac, my fave ball and bone squeeky is pink and I have to take them EVERYWHERE I go, pink is a manly colour! When Mum and Dad got married he said the colour scheme HAD TO BE PINK because he loves it so much, maybe thats where I get it from!?? Love, Licks and #Phugs Frank xxxxxxxx

  12. Everybody's got their favorite toy. Who cares if it is pink, right? I mean, aren't we dogs color-blind anyway? I've got a mini purse that is one of my favorite toys. Lincoln, I think you need to tell Minnie that you are on a mission to break down gender stereotypes.