Monday, November 29, 2010

Mule Up

So the weather has been pretty cold. Mom just says that it was Fall is supposed to feel like, but I have a tendency to "mule" up. When I "mule up" I plant all 13 pounds of pug on the sidewalk and put my head down, refusing to budge. If you try to drag me, I will either escape my harness or let you literally drag me on my back. This frustrates Mom a whole lot, so she usually just picks me up. Then I'm a real princess who gets carried around.

However, Grandma bought Lincoln and I, scarves. I'm not sure what a scarf is but it sure does keep my pudgy neck warm.

Lincoln always stands so proud whenever Mom dresses him up. Hehe, silly pug brother.

Hopefully, these scarves keep me walking through the winter.


  1. Minnie my girl! Letting them drag you, that is priceless. You two do look adorable in your scarves. You almost look like little statues sitting by the door. Make sure they let you in!

  2. Minnie and Lincoln look so cute with their scarves on! You should try a Pug Snuggly - it keeps my pug super warm in the winter.

  3. They scarves are so cute! Your necks will be warm and snuggly.

    Mack also "mules" up, must be a pug thing...I won't think of doing it. Hu-mom says it's a way to trim his nails, lol.

    Here's to warma and happy walks!

    Minnie and Mack

  4. Oh my word!! BOL you are hysterical, just like my Lily. Thank goodness grandmaw came to the rescue with those cool scarves
    Benny & Lily

  5. Awwwww! Those are the cutest scarfs! Mom has been looking for one for us but Tuni is so short she can't find one for her that she won't keep stepping on. Where did she find those? Mom is thinking maybe she needs to look at toddler and baby clothes for a scarf for mini Tuni.


  6. Minnie, you look very pretty in your scarf and Lincoln is very handsome in his! They sure look like they will keep you warm :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. Love the scarf look. Stripes are totally in you know. Minnie, you are a pug after my own heart. A Minnie Mule! Hahaha.
    Lincoln cracks us up with his stoicism.

    Kitty (and Coco)

  8. Wow your scarfs is so cool Minnie. My mummy gots me a scarf too...its green tho!
    Apparently it goes with my complexions whatever that means ! :)


  9. Very stylish. Those are sure to keep you warm.

  10. Oh, we forgot to tell you. Best Bully Sticks has antlers. They might keep Lincoln occupied longer, if he likes them. We don't like them, but he might. The other thing that might keep him busy are the saddle bones. They are really big and so far, we haven't broken off any pieces small enough to be swallowed.

  11. Hi Minnie,
    You made my Mom laugh. The scarf's look really spiffy.


  12. Oh my gosh, you two are so adorable sitting there in your little scarves.
    And such beautiful scarves. I know they will keep you perfectly warm
    oh my gosh your just too cute

  13. What warm scarves Minnie! You are lucky! I want a scarf to keep me warm too.
    Love Percy

  14. Minnie you look pretty proud in your scarf too!! You are both looking good!


  15. Aww.....cutey pattootie Puggies in their scarves.

    I gots myself a coat or two so I understands the cold thing.

    woof - Tucker

  16. Awww you two are super cute!! Love 'da scarfs!!

    Josie Posie