Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Labor Day Can

So even though it was Labor Day weekend, there was very little labor going on. We grilled out at our house. I got yelled at for trying to lick the grill. How am I supposed to know it's hot?! It smells good so I'm going to try and at least give it a little taste.

Some human people came over for the cookout and I kept barking until I met the CAN. Mama is using a CAN now to get my attention. The CAN consists of an empty Coke can with pennies in it. It doesn't sound frightening but it absolutely makes me go into full out submission mode. I absolutely hate it. She shakes it and I immediately stop whatever I'm doing. Ugh, it's the worst invention she has ever come up with. The only good thing about the CAN is when she didn't have to use it, I got a cookie. I might be a little slow about some things but no barking = cookies and I become the smartest little puggy in class.

In other news, we did attend the prom where I totally shook my pug tail all night long while Lincoln tried to work up the nerve to give Miss Lily one stinking lick. If I had a boyfriend I would totally not be shy, I'd make sure he knew I was the boss. Or worse, the one holding the CAN.


  1. A CAN?!?!?! And I thought momma squirting me in the butt with a water bottle was bad!! I don't think I want her to discover the CAN!!!



  2. Minnie, that can sounds pretty awful. I've heard of the can before but this is the first time it's affected one of my fur-riends. Hopefully your mommy will get lazy after a while, or maybe you can help make the can "go missing" if you catch my drift. -Love, Sid.

  3. Holy crap!!! A CAN and a water gun live here
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh Minnie, I get yelled at for trying to lick the grill too.

    And I wish you hadn't told Mom about this penny can thing. I just know she's going to try it on us now. You see, I like to bark. Barking is FUN! And Vinny likes to eat his own poop (nothing funny about that!) so she thinks that might work on him so he stops while she is running over to pick it up.


  5. Hi Minnie,

    Oh no, you have a can too? I have one too. Mom hardly uses it any more, instead now she just says "I'm going to get the can" or she can just look at, then looks at me and I stop barking.


  6. Minnie, I don't blame you for trying to lick the grill. It's got to be good! That can sounds horrible...I hope my mom doesn't get any ideas. Of course, I can't hear very well, so it probably wouldn't work on me anyway...hear that mom?!?

  7. The CAN sounds horrible....oh Minnie. We have the BOTTLE its a squirt bottle of water that sprays me when I'm misbehaving...it's the worse too. Hope the CAN goes missing soon!


  8. Uh oh...hu-mom read your blog just now and I'm sure the CAN will come to our house. I guess puggies like to bark... We also have the squirt bottle, too.
    I've been know to lick the BBQ, too, lots of good tastes there!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. Oh noooooooo!
    Moms filling the can with pennys now!
    Shucks,,, I was hoping she would not read this!

  10. Um, the grill needs to be cleaned, right? You're just trying to be helpful!
    You should totally roll that can under the couch or bed. Way far back so your mom can't get it.

  11. A can you say!?!? Hope Mommy doesn't wise up to that idea-she's looking for ways to make us stop barking at all the people/dogs that walk by our house! Glad you got some cookies though :)
    Maddy and Owen

  12. My mommy uses the same thing! jack and i immediately stop whenever we see her go for the can. we have cans all over the house. its the worst! if you find a way to get rid of them let me know!

    oliver and jack

  13. Holy CRAP Minnie! The CAN??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    My instructor at PetSmart had one of those and it scared the PugCrap out of me every time he shook it when some of the bigger doggies weren't paying attention!

    Maybe someone will put it with the recyclying!

    Good luck!