Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Minneapolis Residency WrapUp

We are back from our lovely time in Minnesota. We were super good in the hotel room and used downtown Minneapolis sidewalk like we would any patch of grass in good ole' Kentucky.

While it took some adjustment, we missed our grass...

Grandma and Mom found us lots of parks

But every dog park required a dog permit! This is unheard of in Kentucky. Every pug and dog is allowed free reign in unleashed areas.

Despite this small misunderstanding, we love Minneapolis. Everyone treated us like royalty.
But man it is good to be home.


  1. Glad everyone survived the big city and you are now home safe and sound! Chicago is the same way with their dog parks, maybe St. Louis too. I love those pictures, you guys look adorable!

  2. Hi Minnie Moo & Lincoln! I'm glad you are back too :)

  3. Welcome home! That's strange about the dog permit...and silly! Or so we say. LOL

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  4. Minnie it sounds like you had a really fun vacation too! Minneapolis looks pretty and green. I have to agree about vacations, though. I loved loved loved Lake Tahoe but it sure felt nice to be home and sleep in my own bed.
    Love Noodles

  5. Nice place but a doggy permit? The nerve!
    Benny & Lily

  6. What a beautiful park! You two look like you are enjoying yourselves - albeit illegally. ;)

    I bet it is nice to be back home, though. No more elevators, right?! And back to your familiar smells and creature comforts.

    -Love, Sid.

  7. Permit shmermit! Glad you pups are back home. Minnie that is a GREAT pic of you with the flowers.


  8. There's no place like home!
    Virginia Beach and Chesapeake both require permits and will kick you out if they catch you! Norfolk (where we live) does not. Which is awesome.
    They should make allowances for cute pugs. And for visitors! Not very tourist dog friendly.

  9. Hi Minnie & Lincoln,

    You look so adorable in your plaid harnesses in front of the fountain & the day lilies.

    Austin is similar to KY, no dog permit needed for dog parks.


  10. I bet you got to see lots of nice fun places,,,
    but there is no place like home

  11. I bet you are so glad to be home! We can't wait to see your house and especially your very own YARD!!! Your mom is going to love it almost as much as you do! (Except the mowing part. My mom still begs any boy she knows to do that for her.) But mom loves being able to just open up the door and let us run right out, rain, snow, or shine!