Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyday should be Sunday

We met some pretty awesome pug lovin' people and pugs through our blog.
They live in Kentucky, have an awesome girl diva pug like me and a foster brother from the pug rescue. Chole, the other "diva" pug is owned by a pretty little girl named Tessa and her momma, Suzy. Ralphie, the foster brother was actually getting adopted the same day we met.
We met up at the dog park to do some pug meetin' and greetin'.
Ya know pug style, snortin' and playing.

However, when we got to the park, Lincoln went into full LOVE MACHINE mode.
See Lincoln is a love machine when it comes to the fairer sex.
Every time we go to the dog park, he falls in love, sometimes twice.
Mom is constantly apologizing to other dog owners.
He means no harm, he just wants a girlfriend.
So when he saw Chole, he lost his mind.
Because she is BEAUTIFUL.

Here is Lincoln trying to whisper sweet nothings in Chole's ear.

Here is Tessa and me. She understood my need to be adored and carried around.
We could totally work out a system where I just followed her around.
She was pretty much the coolest.
Chole and I ran around after her, she was the ring leader in our diva group.

Here is Ralphie who now has a new home.
He suffers from seizures like Payton and that's why someone gave him up,
even though he's a sweetheart.
Ralphie has the best wrinkles on his face.
He was really excited about getting adopted and kept running to the fence to look out.
Or he was looking for a shady spot, he wasn't really into the whole "sun bathing" thing.
Lincoln made sure to give him some pointers on being adopted.

(P.S. I wish you could see Suzy's shirt! It is a Pug Project Runway t-shirt about leaving no pug behind...)

And that's Chole who is pretty as a picture.

Here's Lincoln, Chole and me chilling in whatever shade we could find.

It was the best Sunday morning we've had a long time. New friends, pugs and a sunny day. To top it all off, Ralphie got adopted and has a new home.
Everyday should be Sunday.


  1. Wow! Minnie, that sounds like a great day. Four puggies chillin' at the park...those pictures are great! I hope Ralphie is enjoying his new home. So neat you and Lincoln got to meet two very cute pugs! Tell your mom that this upcoming holiday weekend, she better get creative to top this one! Heehee!

  2. Now, that sure is a fun Sunday! Isn't it great to meet bloggie furiends in the furs?!

  3. I don'ts knows about you Minnie...but I think my sister Lily and Lincoln would be stinkin' cute together. Maybe they should go to the blogville Pawm together. Just sayin'.
    Much luvums,
    Gracie Lynn, of the Slimmer Puggums

  4. What a great day!!! Glad Ralphie has a home!!



  5. So much excitement! I'm surprised you and Lincoln don't have hangovers from the weekend like Noodles. I can totally understand Lincoln's infatuation with Chole - she sure is cute. It's hard not to fall in love with lady pugs - they're just all so adorable. Congratulations to Ralphie on finding his forever home! -Love, Sid.

  6. We had a BLAST meeting Minnie & Lincoln! My daughter won't stop talking about it-she thinks they are puggy rock stars lol

    If you go to you can order your very own "Project Pugway" t-shirt & it helps raise $$ for pug rescue! Woohoo!

    We have to do another puggy play date soon xoxo

  7. And I forgot to add that Ralphie did get adopted yesterday by two lovely ladies. He literally jumped in their car, sat on the front seat & was all "Okay, let's roll!" :)

  8. Hola Chicos!!
    If all the Sunday were like that!! We want everyday too, to be SUNDAY!!! Lincoln is so Guapo we understand we everypuggie want to date him!!!
    We are Happy Ralphie found his forever Home!!
    Spongy & Licky

  9. Hi Minnie,

    What a great Sunday. Mom laughed out loud regarding Lincoln falling in love.

    Best wishes to Ralphie on his new family.


  10. Lover boy!!!!! Mind your manners...a girl needs some time before you go falling all over her!!! That's what they tell me anyway...I do the same thing!!!

  11. That sounds like a perfectly puggy day. Mom has that Project Pugway shirt in pink!

  12. cool we love meeting new friends too
    Benny & Lily

  13. got to meet CHLOE!!!! So fun to meet other blogger peeps!!! Chloe is ADORABLE and so is her assistant (Tessa)!

    Sweet Lincoln...we hope Chloe realizes what a hunka burnin love Linky is and the feeling is mutual!


  14. I love to hear about puggies meeting each other,, and I am happy about Ralphie,, has a forever home where he will get love