Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday

Because it's Friday and my Mommy thought about shipping me back to wherever I came from and because everyone needs an "awwww" moment sometimes. And because I celebrated my one year birthday this week and it's fun (NOT) to see what I get dressed up in from day to day...Here are some baby pictures of me....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Costume Edition

So as I mentioned earlier, Baby and Lucy picked me as one of the costume winners! Hooray!!!! In honor of that, Mommy would like to post a few pictures of how hard it is to make Lincoln and I wear Halloween costumes :) Our good friends Minnie and Mack also demonstrated this...hehe
It's not like we are going to pose on command. Come on, if you pose on command, you will never get treats.

Originally, Lincoln was a bee and I was a flower. Then Mommy discovered the caterpillar and the hippo, the rest is a nightmare.

Um, what are we supposed to be looking at again?

This is so embarrassing.

No one can even tell I'm a hippo with a tutu on.

I'm refusing to post. Lincoln, go ahead, try to look cute without me.

Lincoln loves to pose but he never looks where he is supposed to, he just strikes a pose and stares off into the distance. Maybe he's going to his happy place. A happy place where humans don't dress dogs up like caterpillars...

Mommy gave up and let me wear my original flower costume since I seemed to hate the hippo head piece.

Finally, the finished product. This is one of the pictures we sent out on our Halloween cards. It only took a billion tries and a whole banana.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Purple Loofa

Disclaimer: This is the world's longest post. So be prepared and get your self a cup of coffee or something.

First of all, Wilma like wrote me the bestest poem/song ever, check it out: Minnie Moo Birthday. To everyone that wished me a Happy First Birthday, thank you. It was an awesome day, I got so excited I even peed on the floor, not once but twice. So maybe it was not as awesome as a day for my Mommy. Oh well.

The second greatest thing that happened to me this weekend besides my awesome birthday party was getting my prize in the mail from Baby and Lucy! It was a Halloween costume contest I won with this awesome picture:

Now, my costume is not as elaborate as some. In fact, I have a hippo costume that I was supposed to wear. I will have to discuss the hippo and I's love/hate (mostly hate) relationship later. Anyway, after the mishap with the Purple Loofa last week, this was really the best possible present I could have received. This package came in the mail on Saturday, right in the middle of Mommy trying to get ready for a football game and my birthday party the following day. So I didn't get to open it till Sunday night with my other birthday presents.

Lincoln can't read, so he thought the present was for him too. Silly pug.

Hey, where are you going, Lincoln? I still need your help opening this?!

Fine, anyone will do, open this, pretty please?

Thank goodness for big brothers.

Awesome there is something to chew in here. Wait, a card?!

Still tastes pretty yummy...

The Card

The note inside that no one would let me eat...

Finally, the toy!

Wait, it's wrapped in plastic...I can live with that.

Seriously, Mommy, can you stop taking my picture and help me....

You're free, new Purple Loofa!

I will love you forever and try not to tear you apart like the last one.

But then this happened....
Lincoln wanted to see the Halloween Purple Loofa.

I'll save you!

We both love it sooooo much. Thanks Baby and Lucy!

It's smiling, I think it loves us too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Girl

I graced the world with my presence 1 year ago today.

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It's your birthday
We goin' party like it's your birthday

My mommy threw me a birthday party yesterday. My dog and human friends all came out to watch me eat cake. The dogs had a choice of peanut butter homemade treats, apple crunch doggy cake and pumpkin chip brownies. All of it was homemade by my Mommy and very dog safe. There is human cupcakes too. My grandma made these cupcakes that look like pugs. No one would let me eat one.

This is my friend Isabelle. She's a husky mix. She was camera shy so there is only this one action shot of her. I think she was overwhelmed with all of us little dogs.

This is my boyfriend Angus. He wore a bow tie just for me.

Here's Angus showing his extra set of teeth :)

And this is Fanny. She's a shiz tu- poodle mix.

Lincoln kind of fell in love with her. She's telling him off in this picture. He kept trying anyway.

This is one of the only pictures I stood still for all night. I was too busy socializing and entertaining everyone. I had my birthday girl t-shirt on just in case anyone forgot whose special day it was.

This is my mommy and me at the end of the party. I was super tired and just wanted to be cuddled.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stuffed Animal Heaven

Is it really dead...? Guess so...

Therefore, Lincoln and I would like to take a moment to say goodbye to one of our favorite toys that left this world early this morning: Purple Loofa. We had many good times together Purple Loofa. We played tug of war, we chewed on you and we love to squeak you. In your memory, we even tried to eat all of your stuffing as quick as possible while Mommy ran after us screaming. We pulled your squeaker out to be saved forever. You will be missed. Maybe stuffed animals go to the Rainbow Bridge or maybe they have a separate heaven

Oh well, what can I chew on now?