Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Costume Edition

So as I mentioned earlier, Baby and Lucy picked me as one of the costume winners! Hooray!!!! In honor of that, Mommy would like to post a few pictures of how hard it is to make Lincoln and I wear Halloween costumes :) Our good friends Minnie and Mack also demonstrated this...hehe
It's not like we are going to pose on command. Come on, if you pose on command, you will never get treats.

Originally, Lincoln was a bee and I was a flower. Then Mommy discovered the caterpillar and the hippo, the rest is a nightmare.

Um, what are we supposed to be looking at again?

This is so embarrassing.

No one can even tell I'm a hippo with a tutu on.

I'm refusing to post. Lincoln, go ahead, try to look cute without me.

Lincoln loves to pose but he never looks where he is supposed to, he just strikes a pose and stares off into the distance. Maybe he's going to his happy place. A happy place where humans don't dress dogs up like caterpillars...

Mommy gave up and let me wear my original flower costume since I seemed to hate the hippo head piece.

Finally, the finished product. This is one of the pictures we sent out on our Halloween cards. It only took a billion tries and a whole banana.


  1. Perfectly posed pugs with pouts. HAH!
    Love Noodles
    PeeS - speaking of humiliating costumes, check out my stunner

  2. We love them all!!! You should try falling asleeps next time Minnie. That's what I do hee hee! The Hippo is super cute on you too.


  3. Oh my goodness... you guys look fantastic! Minnie... I love you as a flower!

  4. BOL... I does kinda look like a nightmare. I'm not too much of a fan of costumes.

    woof - Tucker

  5. Lincoln is posing like he's gonna be on that America's Next Top Pug Model or somethings! Not many pugs could work that caterpillar outfit like thats!

    Minnie, you looks cute in whatevers you put on! You makes the cutest flower ever!

  6. Awww... You guys are sooo ADORABLE!!!
    Don't feel bad, I'm stuck wearing a bumblebee costume... Grrr!

    Love the flower costume Miss Minnie :o)

    Neeko :o)

  7. Hi Minnie & Lincoln!

    Your costumes are adorable! The caterpillar & flower are a perfect combo. Super-duper cool that you have your own greeting card for Halloween! Can't wait to tell my Mom, maybe next year I can have one too.


  8. Hi Minnie & Lincoln,

    Your costumes are adorable! What a perfect combo. Wow, your own Halloween greeting card, that's oober-special. Can't wait to tell my Mom, maybe next year I will be that lucky.


  9. The flower is much more flattering anyway. You are right, if you pose right away, less treats.
    No matter if you pose or not, you are both still adorable!

  10. You guys are looking like you like your costumes. BOL. So cute no wonder you won
    Benny & Lily

  11. Either way we still love you!
    -Baby & Lucy

  12. Wow, you guys did it! What a great pose? How many treat did it take? ha ha ha. We love the flower and the hippo costume on you, Minnie. and the catepillar (ahhh...dogepillar) costume is great on Lincoln!

    Have fun!
    Minnie and Mack

  13. Y'all look adorable! Love it!