Friday, October 22, 2010

Stuffed Animal Heaven

Is it really dead...? Guess so...

Therefore, Lincoln and I would like to take a moment to say goodbye to one of our favorite toys that left this world early this morning: Purple Loofa. We had many good times together Purple Loofa. We played tug of war, we chewed on you and we love to squeak you. In your memory, we even tried to eat all of your stuffing as quick as possible while Mommy ran after us screaming. We pulled your squeaker out to be saved forever. You will be missed. Maybe stuffed animals go to the Rainbow Bridge or maybe they have a separate heaven

Oh well, what can I chew on now?


  1. BOL we are sad for purple loofa. But guess what we have an ER here. Sometimes our stuffies have surgery and get stitches. I bet you could find a lot of good chew stuff around the house
    Benny & Lily

  2. I had a Sock Monkey once who met the same fate. Sigh. Sad when our toys go - but I think they go on to a better place (the recycle bin in SM's case).
    Love Noodles

  3. Hee hee hee! Hope you get a stuffie in no time. I hope I go to stuffie heaven - I mean.. a place with all stuffies.. that's gotta be heaven!


  4. **bows head for purple loofa**

    That's so sad that the Stuffie ER couldn't even save this about a trainwreck!!!!

    Try getting a butter wrapper. They don't chew up as nice as loofas, but they taste nommy and there's probably some roughage in there.

    Good luck and RIP Purple Loofa!


    (Mom...quit laughing!)

  5. Mine don't stick around long enough for me to get attached to them...

  6. Wow, you two really killed that thing dead! You's vicious pugs!

    I think S-Dog has the right idea about the butter wrapper. Good lucks!

  7. When my dog was alive, her favorite toy was a stuffed star. She LOVED it. But, like the poor loofa, she ripped it to shreds. I ended up repairing it a few times. By the time it had to go to stuffed animal heaven, the star only had 3 points left.

  8. Well, Purple Loofa Dog donated himself to science. You loved him for what he was inside and out! hehehehe. Really though, your mom needs to put a move on and replace him like ASAP.

    P.S. Mom doesn't let us have stuffies. Something about Kitty being a super aggressive chewer. You guys are lucky!

  9. Whatever you do, do not chew on moms favorite pair of expensive shoes! I once chewed on mom's very expensive coffee table. Man I was in so much trouble, no amount of orbing got me out.

  10. RIP Purple Loofa!! Looks like you had a ball!!

  11. You guys are funnyyyy... :o)))

    I hear that you can still drag them thru the house without the stuffing; sort of like dust rags :o)))

    Neeko ♥