Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Girl

I graced the world with my presence 1 year ago today.

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It's your birthday
We goin' party like it's your birthday

My mommy threw me a birthday party yesterday. My dog and human friends all came out to watch me eat cake. The dogs had a choice of peanut butter homemade treats, apple crunch doggy cake and pumpkin chip brownies. All of it was homemade by my Mommy and very dog safe. There is human cupcakes too. My grandma made these cupcakes that look like pugs. No one would let me eat one.

This is my friend Isabelle. She's a husky mix. She was camera shy so there is only this one action shot of her. I think she was overwhelmed with all of us little dogs.

This is my boyfriend Angus. He wore a bow tie just for me.

Here's Angus showing his extra set of teeth :)

And this is Fanny. She's a shiz tu- poodle mix.

Lincoln kind of fell in love with her. She's telling him off in this picture. He kept trying anyway.

This is one of the only pictures I stood still for all night. I was too busy socializing and entertaining everyone. I had my birthday girl t-shirt on just in case anyone forgot whose special day it was.

This is my mommy and me at the end of the party. I was super tired and just wanted to be cuddled.


  1. Happy Birthday! The cupcakes are adorable!

  2. Happee Birthday Minnie! We mean Shorty, its yur birthday
    Benny & Lily

  3. Happy Birthday Minnie! Those puggie cupcakes are so cute. She sure is talented! Hope you have a great year to come.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. happy happy birthday minnie!
    what a fabulous party!
    we love the puggy cupcakes!
    m & e

  5. HAppy BIrfday Minnie! I was so excited about those cupcakes and then to hears you didn't get one? UM whose Birfday is it anyway?...gesh!

    I hopes you had a beautiful birfday and I knows a lady doesn't devulge her age, but just in case - how olds are you>?

    woof - Tucker

    PeeS - are yous and Lincoln comin to my pawty?

  6. Happy, happy birthday Minnie! Isa be 1 on December 9th and can't wait for my pawty. We just have the family pawties...but they are super fun as we get treats and toys. Your pawty looked super did those pug time, I betcha grandma makes them safe for you and your furiends to eatums.
    Much luvums,
    Mimi Roo (The Slimmer Puggums)

  7. Happy Birthday!! What a pawsome party!! Those cupcakes are very cute :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  8. Haaaaappy Biiiiiiirthday to youuu ♫♫♫
    Haaaaappy Biiiiiiirthday to youuu ♫♫♫
    Haaaaappy Biiiiiiirthday Dear Minne ♫♫♫
    Happy Birthday to You!!!
    And many more... ♥

    Wow! That looks quite a Pawty you had.
    Pawsome cupcakes! How original!!!
    Hope you got lots and lots of gifts and maybe a new Purple Loofa ;o)

    Neeko ♥

  9. Happy Birthday Minnie Moo.
    Dontcha love being ONE!!!!!
    Love Noodles

  10. Ohhhhhhh Happy Day! Thank goodness you showed up in this world! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. You can send me some of those goodie treats... I was at your pawty in spirit.

  11. Oh Minnie! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

    Your party looks amazing! Your momma really outdid herself! And those pug cupcakes! SO CUTE! My goodness, it must have been the event of the year!

    Happy 1st birthday!!!!!!!!


  12. Happy birthday to you! It looks like the best pawty ever.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Happy birthday Minnie! Aren't parties the best? Those cupcakes were just too squee for words. Love the shirt, too! Our birthday is in June and that's usually too hot for us to wear clothes or we'd have shirt like that, too!

    Here's to many more healthy happy years as an adored pug!

  14. Minnie happy birfday girl!!!!!

    Look at those pupcakes of you...they are so cute. Just like yous. Your BF Angus is a cutie pie and such a great dresser with his bow tie.

    Birfday hugs,
    Sequoia and Tuni

  15. Happy Birthday Minnie! What a special day for you!
    The cupcakes are adorable! What a great party w/ family & friends!


  16. Happy Birfday Minnie!!!

    What a fabulous birfday pawty you had!!

    BeauTeeful cupee cakes and lots of great fun!!

    Sending birday kisses!!
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie, and Anakin Man

  17. Happy Birhday sweet little Minnie
    What a wonderful birthday you had and so many good wishes.
    You are one special little girl.
    Sorry I was late, but I was helping rescue abonded kittens
    Happiest Birthday ever little girl

  18. happy birthday Minnie Moo aka shorty!!!! Me and Lala are part of the Sunshine Club and just came from Wilma's!!! We are your newest fans!!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO
    Hailey and Lala

  19. Happy VERY LATE birthday Minnie!! I'm sorry I missed it! My mom has been too busy to help me post so we are just now getting caught up on everyone's blogs. I feel terrible that I missed your birthday. I'll never let it happen again.