Friday, October 15, 2010

Chasing Cars

Today I have to deviate from my Flashback Friday post of my adorable puppy phase. I have to make a confession. Hi, my name is Minnie Moo and I'm a car chaser. It all started with my obsession of skateboards and motorcycles. It's hard to really pinpoint why I feel the need to bark and lunge at these things. Maybe it is the movement or the fact I'm still a puppy. I don't know but it's really upsetting my mommy. Sigh. For awhile now I've randomly lunged at passing cars. However, I was always in the car and couldn't quite fit out the window or someone grabbed me.

Last night, I started something new, I started lunging at every car that whizzed past us on our walk. See Lincoln and I live in the city, in an apartment, surrounded by concrete. We have to walk to a nearby park a couple of times a day, everyday, to do our business. This equals a lot of walking and a lot of opportunities for car lunging. Luckily, I'm a leash and Mommy pulls me back or keeps me close. However, sometimes I take her by surprise and she's starting to worry that I might get away and get hurt.

She just doesn't understand my need to chase those cars. They are like big dogs for me to play with. Last night on our walk, I probably got yelled at or chastised a billion times, it got really old. Does anyone know if there are support groups for car chasers?


  1. My pug CoCo scared the heck out of me last night when she decided to chase a bunch of deer running up my neighbor's driveway! She couldn't understand why I was so mad after I chased her down and carried her back home. Luckily the other pugs didn't follow suit.

  2. Hi Minnie, I need a support group as well. I do the SAME thing, lunge, when cars go by! Usually it is the older cars that make a lot of noise (never a Prius, for example). I don't know why I have this compulsion - but I do.
    Love Noodles

  3. Can you believe angels like you and me were naughty puppies? I think the hoomans are exaggerating.


  4. Minnie Moo please pick up my Lily on the way to CC (chasing cars) Anonymous or MC (motorcycle chasing) Anonymous.
    Benny (& Lily)
    Pee S. Read our post Lily vs. Motorcycle

  5. Ut oh! Minnie, I'd be very upset if anything every happened to you with this hobby! I think you should stick to lunging and barking at cars though the window of your home! hehe, tell your mom that there's a product that might help... it's a training spray called SprayShield - I personally hate it, but it's 99% water and 1% cirtus and you can get it at PetSmart. Just an idea for your mom!

  6. Hi Minnie!

    I'm not sure if you will find a support group for
    car chasers in your town, so Daisy and I think you should start your own! Daisy will only chase
    something if it has a piece of food
    attached to it hehe, but she would
    come to your group if there were
    snacks involved.

    Have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  7. Oh minnie that is not a good hobby to have. mommy yells at me when i go near the street not on the leash! Jack and i walk on the connector ok now. when we first started though i dragged jack everywhere. then we kinda got used to it. the hardest part is when jack wants to be after i pee and i dont wait. sometimes he just pees on the sidewalk while i drag him. mommy said its easier than getting tangled up in 2 leashes. it just takes a little practice!

    oliver & jack

  8. Oh Minnie
    this is what my mommie does.
    Well we live on a country road and when i walk down the road (always on a leash) and a car comes,, my mama teaches me to sit. Then when the car goes by, she says ok and i get a treat. But if you have lots of cars,,, well you would be sitting all day long.
    Another idea.. Pet Smart has puppy school for 8 weeks -(i think) and they have wonderous suggestions

  9. Chasing cars now are we?
    We are the guilty screamers.
    Our Human sometimes has to put ear muffs on before we go outside for our walks.
    Don't feel guilty about it because we all have dog treats in our pet beds.


  10. Hu Hu's!!

    Me do 'da same ting!!

    Okay... me's be official...

    Ehem... Me name is Anakin Man and me a car chaser too's!!
    I's not sure why, butt it's fun and it makes me feel tuff!! hu hu's

    Later little lady,
    Anakin Man

  11. Oh Minnie! I need this support group too. I too live in the city and walk to the park to do business and what really gets me while I am out and about walking are diesel trucks and the occasional bicyclist. My humans detest my car lunging and keep me close with my leash... I know it would make our humans feel better if we didn't lung, if only they understood how fun it was! If you want, stop by my blog sometime. I would love to have you visit!

    - Reggie