Friday, August 5, 2011

Flying Pug Style

(Mom sitting at our gate with Lincoln and I in carriers)

Everyone always asks how we fly I thought I would try to answer that today.
We fly under Mom's seat which is kind of expensive: $150 a dog one-way. So for a whole trip it can cost up to $500 for just Lincoln and I. It is also only one dog per person, so she always has to have someone with her and I count as a carry-on. No one believes I am a service dog. I could totally lead a blind person if there wasn't so many yummy, distracting, possible things to eat everywhere...and Lincoln could totally be a drug dog if he was not the MOST FRIENDLY ANIMAL on the planet. Really, Lincoln is way too nice. He lets anyone pet him....please have some dignity, make the humans work for it.

Anyway, Mom can't bear the thought of us flying under the plane, she has some fear of it being too cold or too hot. My carrier is smaller than Lincolns because I'm almost half his size. Lincoln flies in the biggest carrier allowed by the airline and the largest weight size. He only weighs 21 pounds and the max weight is around 23 pounds. He is able to completely turn around in his carrier and stretch out though. The airlines always make sure we are not bulldogs because supposedly they have a really hard time breathing with less oxygen up on the plane. I have had the nose surgery and have never had a problem breathing up there so I think it is just a precaution.

When we first get to the airport we have to be checked in at the desk, then taken through security (which means out of our carriers and everyone gets to "ohhh" and "ahhh" over how adorable we are) and then back in our carriers for flight time. We have a system.

Lincoln and I have never had an accident in our carriers because they are kind of like crates. No one wants to go where they sleep. We try to take flight options that get us straight there on one plane so we don't have to hold it very long. Whenever we get to our destination or before we take off, Mom makes sure we both have plenty of time to use the bathroom. She doesn't let either of us walk through the airport either because I've been known to just take a squat wherever I please despite all consequences. Likewise, Lincoln loves to mark his spot on everything and airports have lots of spots to mark. Food isn't an issue either because she just feeds us before or after.

We love to be with Mom so it is well worth it to ride in a carrier to go cool places. I do throw some Minnie fits and scratch furiously once we land because I want out immediately. Mom usually helps us out with any anxiety by giving me half a Benedryl and Lincoln a whole one. That way we can rest peacefully but not be drugged up with Vet medicine.

That's about it. We are pretty lucky that we've both been to Florida multiple times and to Minnesota. I'm looking into other trip options for pug friendly places....who knows where we will go next?!


  1. Sounds like you guys have a system down. And that is great that you get to go all those coll places.

  2. What airline do you favor? Many have different rules.
    So you always have a traveling companion to be able to take both of your babies?

  3. How awesome. You guys might want to try Pet Airways, you travel in the cabin
    Benny & Lily

  4. That is so cool! Are you allowed to sit on your mom's lap during the flight? I bet everyone would just oh and ah then too. If you are looking for other vacation spots (dog-friendly), you must check out Chicago! We are there at least 4 times a year and it's my favorite place. Mom has all the dog-friendly activities and restaurants mapped out in Google if you get serious about it. Have a great weekend Minnie Moo and Lincoln, too!

  5. Hi Minnie,

    Flying is so much fun! The best part, traveling with Mom.

    I heard the same ooohs, aweesss, and "Look! It's a PUG!" while going thru security.

    At least we don't have to go thru the naked body scanners.


  6. That is how Mom took me cross country once. I was in Lincoln sized carrier and had me a Benadryl (aka Benny) on board too. One person didn't even notice till we landed that there was a pug next to his feet BOL! You two must be so cute going through the security gate!!


  7. Wow thanks for this info! I will remember this whenever I fly with my momma!


  8. WOW! I'm going to have to have a discussion with my peeps about this. They want to take me on a big flying tube, but mom said I should be able to sit in the seat with her! (Like HAAAIL I PugButt should be up in first class!!!!)


  9. Thank you for posting the information about how you guys fly (my parents were very interested). Sounds like you guys have a system that works well. You've never had any issues with breathing on a plane? That was my parent's main concern due to our flat faces. Minnie, you and Lincoln look so cute in your little carriers. I'm more Lincoln's size so I'd have to opt for the largest bag, too. -Love, Sid.

  10. That's so cool that you guys are frequent fliers! I imagine you with adorable puggy passports that you get stamped at every location :)

    Keep on keeping the friendly skies, well, friendly! xoxo

  11. How did your pugs breathe on the plane? Heavily or normal? And did they snore louder than normal? I'm flying mine for the first time next week and of course I am very worried!