Friday, May 13, 2011

The incident of the pancake and donuts

So it's been a rough week around our house. Lincoln has gone off the deep end. Usually it's me that eats everything. After Lincoln discovered he could jump the baby gate, the pantry became a free for all buffet. He started this week with the Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. The next day he ate the Kix and Wheaties. Mom was pretty mad and so was I but for a different reason. If you're the older sibling and you can jump the gate, you should at least bring food back to share. Mom kept shutting the pantry door but Uncle Travis would forget to close it after he was in there. There were lots of accusations flying around. For once I wasn't in trouble. It was super weird.

Anyway, yesterday when Mom got home she found this mess in the pantry...

Yep, that's Fiber One Pancake Mix that Lincoln decided looked mighty tasty. He couldn't hide the evidence either, it was all over his nose.

Mom was pretty upset having to clean up that whole mess and Lincoln. When she left again later, she made sure the door was securely shut. Good ole' Uncle Travis forgot again or maybe Lincoln developed thumbs because when Mom came back home, Lincoln had eaten a box of chocolate donuts. That's when Mom fell apart. Something about dogs and chocolate. To top it all off Lincoln was wheezing really bad and could barely breathe. Mom had entire meltdown, gathered us all up in the car and rushed Lincoln to the emergency vet.

Here I am waiting patiently on my brother...

Well Lincoln had to be induced to throw up all of the goodies he had ingested and it cost a pretty penny. Mom says it was worth it because not only did someone else have to clean up Lincoln's puke but she could sleep better knowing he was going to be okay.

Now Mom has engineered a setup where Lincoln can't jump over the gate because there are two on top of each other. Finally she appears to have outsmarted him. Silly humans, sometimes they are soooooo slow.

Lincoln's been feeling pretty poor but no one has had a lot of sympathy for him. I mean he did eat an entire box of pancake mix and then chocolate donuts. That's enough to make anyone's stomach hurt. Then to have to be forced to throw it up in front of strangers?! It was quite a night for everyone.

The most important thing is, it wasn't my fault, I didn't do it and I didn't get sick!


Minnie Moo


  1. Lincoln, man, you need to pace yourself! Or at least get better at hiding the evidence. I learned the hard way when I ate 7 tealight candles and left the wicks and tins on my bed. I'll never do that again (the leaving of the evidence I mean - of course I'd eat a candle again in a heartbeat). Hope you feel better soon. I know from personal experince how sad it is to go to the emergency vet and purge out all those treats you worked so hard to commandeer. Love, Sid.

  2. Poor Lincoln. I think you need to take it a little slower and not go for a new thing each day. But I glad to hear he is doing ok and hopefully getting some much needed rest.

    Minnie, I think you need to train your brother on how to take things a little slower next time.

    Feel better Lincoln.

  3. Lincoln.....Pugs Can Climb. Remember that, dude. But use your powers for good, instead of evil. All that stuff will make you sick.

    PS. Agility is looking for pugs like you.

  4. I would have wanted to try and eat all that, but I think my tummy would hurt too. Good thoughts your way, Lincoln. And Minnie, since you weren't the one in trouble, ask your mom if she'll give you an extra treat for being sooo good.

  5. Hi Minnie,
    Glad to hear Lincoln is going to be ok. He can be a little stinker. Hehee. Let's just hope he's not a pole vaulter, like in the Olympics. He would clear the gates in a heart-beat.


  6. Oh Minnie we are glad you are not the one causing all the chaos this time. Poor little Lincoln at least there won't be any more getting into the pantry. But on the bright side if ya didn't throw up that Fiber One pancake mix Lincoln you would be farting non stop for a week....oh fiber!!!!


  7. I hope that he feels better soon!

    My name is Oskar & I have a blog that I'd love for you to check out, It's a great place for pet bloggers to find each other and get some exposure!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Lincoln, we sympathize. We would definitely eat the donuts. And probably the pancake mix, too. We have ripped open a loaf of bread in the seconds it took mom to walk in to the kitchen and back.
    And Tallulah has been made to throw up more than once. It's not fun at all.

    Have your mommy read this.
    It may have some tips she hasn't tried yet. We can recommend the DAP diffuser. It helps keep us calmer. And when it runs out, we go nutty.
    Our mom loves Pat Miller of Peaceable Paws and Dr. Patricia McConnell. They both have some great books on anxiety and other stuff. Worth checking out from the library.

  9. Oh lincoln...what were you thinking!!!!! eating chocolate is a no no! good thing your mommy was home and was able to take you to the vet! thank goodness youre ok. i'm sure minnie will take good care of you!

    oliver and jack

  10. Oh (snicker, hee hee) Dear how terrible for Lincoln (giggle). Glad to see that you (chuckle) did not get in trouble and how good (ha ha) you sat on the chair at the vet. (hahahahahaahha)

    You will have to excuse Mum..... although she feels badly for your momma having to deal with all this, she says this is one of the funniest post she has read in a long times. She luvs the pancake on the nose picture!

    Yup.... humans are slow!!

    Winston Wilbur

  11. Oh my! We are glad to hear that Lincoln is ok :) Glad your Mommy outsmarted!
    Maddy and Owen

  12. OMDogness... Now that was baaaaaaaaad...
    Your poor Mommy; I know how Humans panic when we do something like this.
    Good thing Lincoln is alright.
    I'm impressed by you staying out of the line of fire. Hope you got extra hugs for that.

    Neeko ♥
    P.S. Please give Lincoln a healing kiss from Meee.

  13. Minnie, the good news in all of this is that you look super adorable and well behaved while waiting for your delinquent brother at the vet.

    Glad Lincoln is okay!! That will teach him not to share.


  14. Mmmmm...chocolate donuts....