Monday, May 23, 2011


I have allergies. Last August when I was rescued, they were convinced I had mange because of the shape my skin was in. But alas, no mange just bad allergies. It seems I am allergic to grass. This winter my skin was lots better until I went to Florida in January. Now, with the sunshine finally making an appearance in Kentucky, I'm developing spots. Again. Mama gives me an allergy pill everyday, along with oatmeal baths every two weeks and special food she makes.
Despite all of this, I'm scratching. All night.





  1. Daisy has problems with allergies and very sensitive skin. We do a few things that really help. One, we wash her bowl all the time (we think sometimes that she's allergic to her own spit - no joke!). We also give her yogurt on her food. This has made the biggest difference. We also have some lotion the vet gave us - we call it the "blue stuff"'s blue! LOL We just dab it on when things get bad and it also really helps troubled areas. (If you're interested in the name, just let me know and I can give it to you).

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Sue (Pearl & Daisy's mom)

  2. Hey Licoln! Your buddy Toby Moses from the Slimmer Puggums to let you know what helped with my itchies...VARL antigen. Your vet can give you more information about is a bit pricey ($200) and you have to have injections monthly...however it totally works which equals less baths and more treats for you. Basically, you get a blood test done and sent off to the VARL labs to see what you allergic to and they customize a liquid antigen which is basically a bit of each thing you are allergic to that helps your body boost its immunity to get rid of the itchies. I used to have zit like things pop up on my underside, rashes, and constant paw chewing. I have been on VARL for about 3 years now and I am totally itch free and living life comfortably...before I was all itchy, miserable, and had to have baths and steroid shots constantly...which for a puggy is very unhealthy...hence why my vet as a last resort mentioned this treatment course. Mamas have been happy with it and say it is totally worth the cost.
    I hope your pawrents consider it and I hope to see you itch free soon my furiend.
    Your friend,
    Toby Moses Mans

  3. I'm so sorry for all your itches and scratching. I wish I had some advice, but I'm at a loss. Maybe you could see a dermatologist to see if there's anything else you could try. There are allergy tests, but I think most times the treatment is shots. YIKES!
    Feel better soon! Love,

  4. 3357542 dollars later at the dermatologist, Lily is on Atopica twice per day, grain free Natural Balance duck & Potatoe. She is allergic to all kinds of grasses
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh Lincoln, I was just over on Tiffy's blog telling her this same thing.

    I have had terrible allergies my whole life and they get worse as I get older. They are year 'round. My vet has ruled out food allergies, and we think it's grass too. I get Benadryl and medicated baths just like you. The sad fact is, nothing really helps other than steroid shots from the vet. One Prednisone shot and I am a whole new dog!

    The catch is that momma HATES having me on steroids and we are constantly unsure of what we should do. They are not good for you on a long-term basis, but they sure do change my quality of life. Right now we are doing very low-doses every few months for the sake of relief.

    I hope you find something that helps you! I know how infuriating these allergies can be. :(


  6. We're so sorry you are so itchy Lincoln. Mack is suffering too and so are a lot of other pug/puggies out there. We need a cure that is not toxic drugs.

    We'll let you know if we find one!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. My Uncle Harley has the same kind of allergies... he's allergic to grass, dust, cats, pollen... you name it! Grandma Lynda had to put him on allergy shots... at first he got them once a week, then every 2 weeks and now he gets them every other month to maintain. He also has special shampoo that he gets from the vet and gets a bath every week (AWFUL!). It was pretty expensive at first, but it helped him SO much. You should ask your vet about it... Harley had clumps of fur missing and everything... now he has a full thick coat!

  8. You have already had some great advice. I am very hopeful Lincoln can get some relief. Poor baby. Kitty has carpet allergies but nothing as bad as Lincoln. Have you ruled out food allergies? Could be a combo of grass and food.

  9. We've spent lots of money on different solutions (been meaning to write a post about it, but there's so much to cover!). Anyway, Sid is allergic to all mother nature. When we adopted him, he took Prenisolone daily. We tried many attempts to get him off of it: Elimination diet, Benedryl, Atopica, various medicated shampoos, soy-based hydrocortisone, etc. The Atopica made the most revolutionary difference, and though it is darn expensive, it worked wonders. BUT, after doing so well on it for 3 months, Sid started vomiting it up. We tried many different solutions that the skin specialist recommended but nothing allowed him to keep it down. After much trial and error, we currently have him on half a 5mg pill of prednisolone every day (was every other day all through the winter), and we do a bath with Douxo Chlorhexidine every week to every 2 weeks. While we understand the long-term effects of prednisolone and dislike the fact that he has to take it, I'd rather have him enjoy his life than be constantly dealing with red, irritated skin. The shampoo has also worked wonders, too. We tried many different ones, but the Douxo was recommended by the skin specialist and it is amazing! We did the "Liquid Gold" VARL test that Toby mentioned above, but then shortly afterwards we moved from CA to NY which has a totally different environment / allergens. This summer, after we've been here a year, we plan to do that test again, and have also considered doing the skin test (Glad to hear the VARL test worked really well for you, Toby - we hope it does the same for Sid) Good luck, Lincoln!!! Allergies suck. If you have any other questions, please let us know - like I said, we've gone through a LOT trying to get these allergies under control! -Brian & Jenn (and Sid)

  10. Oh yeah, also Sid is on a strict Natural Balance Venison & Sweet Potato diet. We've tried sooo many different foods. The NB Duck & Potato one also was good for a while, but then he started having poop issues, so we got him on the V & SP. He loves to throw a wrench in the plans whenever we think we finally have things figured out! :)

  11. We have really bad allergies, too. Our mom decided to go a different direction than the VARL tests. She read this book called Pets at Risk by Dr. Plechner. Basically, it says that some allergies can be caused by hormones being out of balance. Balance the hormones and the crazy allergic reactions go away.
    We started in March 2010 and so far, it's been awesome. We got shots at first, but then switch to pills. We get our blood tested every so often to check our hormone levels and get our meds adjusted as needed.
    Ask your mommy to read this book. Then she might have to convince your vet to try it. But it sure works for us.

    PS. If you do plan on doing this, get insurance first. Our allergies are not covered because we had been to the vet a lot for them before we got insurance. But the hormone imbalances are covered. And the blood tests are not cheap, but the treatment is.

  12. We are so sorry to hear about your allergies! We can't offer any sort of advice because so far we haven't experienced anything of the sort. We hope you find a good remedy or at least some helpful advice though :)
    Maddy and Owen

  13. Hi Lincoln,

    It's terrible having allergies. Mine are food related, so I'm on Potato & Duck diet, special shampoo. Mom even used Cheer Free for the laundry. (Maybe your Mom could try that detergent).


  14. Gee,,, I feel so bad for all you puggies who have allergies so bad.
    Since I am in the NW,,, i don't have any YET.
    I wish I could help you cutie pie