Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dogs in scarves and Oprah

One of Mama's friends found Minnie on a random website of Oprah quotes and dogs wearing scarves. It doesn't make any sense to us either. If you google dogs in scarves, Minnie comes up. Lincoln is a little jealous that his scarf picture didn't make the google cut. Mama doesn't know whether to be upset that Minnie's picture was taken from the blog without permission or proud that Minnie is considered adorable. It's a very confusing time in our house. Any thoughts are welcomed.


  1. Completely understand the dilemma. You can't control the internet though so go for proud of being adorable. Wonder if we are on the internet somewhere, being adorable.

  2. Minnie you are adorable and we're happy that Oprah thought so, too!

    I guess you shouldn't sweat the small stuff...

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie (Cooper) and Mack

  3. Fact, you are confusion there. I guess I'd want to know who "stole" the picture too, but I guess it doesn't hurt to gain more admirers, right?

  4. poor lincoln. i think its great that the rest of the world now knows how adorable you are!!!

    oliver and jack

  5. Well, I mean Minnie is a dog model. Lincoln is the athlete, we all have our strengths...

  6. It looks to me like the world thinks your a beauty queen.
    I do for sure,,,!
    Congtratualtions for being chosen.
    We looked at the other furries and they were cute too!

  7. well Mum thinks she would be upsets. Imagine if we tooks a picture of Oprah and posted it with out permission. You can bet your curl she would be all over us saying we can't do thats. Mum says PFT! Oprah thinking she can takes your picture withouts asking you!

    I on the other had would be totally stoked that I had my pic mentioned by Oprah but...... I would insist I email her and tell her to include my name and blog after alls everyone needs to have a name to go with the face!