Thursday, December 30, 2010

Swimming with Lincoln

So if you remember I've been to Florida before and became an expert swimmer. Everyone thought that Lincoln would love swimming too. So first we suited up...I, of course, rocked the pink life jacket.

Lincoln was mildly humiliated by his faux Louis Vuitton life jacket vest. I think he thought it was a little girly for manly taste.

I got in the hot tub first to show Lincoln how easy it was.

Obviously, I have some skills in pool...

Lincoln was still a little nervous...

Once we were both in, Lincoln realized he didn't know how to swim. His front paws were doggy paddling, his back ones became paralyzed with fear.

He got really scared and even almost pushed me under in his attempt to get out. When Uncle Travis tried to calm him down, Lincoln accidentally scratched his chest.

So I guess Lincoln isn't going to become an Olympic swimmer like me. Oh well. Maybe he will get used to the idea over the next month.

Here I am posing with my mommy.


  1. Hi Minnie! Well, I guess our hopes for Lincoln being the next Michael Phelps may not work out... that's ok though! Maybe he prefers football? Or maybe he is a track star?

    Florida looks so nice and WARM! I am so glad you guys are having fun with family!!


  2. I can TOTALLY sympathize with Lincoln. Lucky LOVES to swim. As for me, I prefer terra firma! I must say, I enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather in your photo. I am bundled under the blankets with mom.

    Roxy & Lucky

  3. What a cool beach blanket puggy you are. I am with Lincoln though. I have to be carried over puddles, so there is no way I am submerging myself in a whole body of water. Oddly enough, I love my bath. I am a complex pug.

  4. You sure are an expert swimmer, Minnie! Lincoln might get the hang of it... I didn't like it at ALL at first, and now I'm an expert too!

  5. Rock on Minnie! You are a superb swimmer (as am I). Have patience with Lincoln. He has issues.
    Love Noodles

  6. Awww... Love the sunny warm weather you are enjoying with your family! So happy for you :o)

    I'm like you Miss Minnie; love the water but it has to be warm.
    Your Bro is hilarious with the priceless look on his face...

    Have fun!
    Neeko :o)

  7. Hi Minnie,
    You are so cute in your life jacket. I love to swim too.

    Since Lincoln doesn't like to swim, what about a special chair at pool side along with a whistle? He could be a life guard.


  8. First you rock the hot pink bikini, now this? Oh Minnie you're like a model, why aren't you on the cover of Pug Fancy? Swimming is a great way to exercise, so make sure you get extra treats. I look upon your blog lovingly, as I haven't seen the sun in days...and I miss it so. Soak it up for those of us living under a cloud of rain!

  9. DOn't worry Lincoln - swimming isn't for everyone. I haven't figured it out yet and I've been trying for 2 years.

    woof - Tucker

  10. I think Lincoln was very brave to at least "try".
    Now that takes courage.
    I think the pool may be fun, but I also think there would be much splashing of water- going everywhere.
    I tell you what Minnie- and Lincoln your both so cute in these photos..... and it looked to me like a fun time.

  11. Lincoln, definitely blame that girly life vest.


  12. Love the dogger life jackets! Happy New Year, Minnie, Lincoln, and Family!