Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback Friday- Special Edition

Since it's Friday and Lincoln got to show some of his tricks yesterday (the snarl and sit)....and since it's always entertaining to watch a pug video and because my mom has finally relented to everyone seeing her in a bikini and it's a flashback Friday moment....I've posted a video of me swimming for the first time along with some pictures. This was taken earlier this year when I went to my grandparent's house in Florida. Enjoy!

First, I had to practice swimming in the hot tub to make sure pugs could really swim

I'm not sure about this guys...

Thank goodness there is a handle on the back, this is like riding a bike for the first time

Getting the hang of things...

Awww, love my mommy

Easy as eating

Haha, laugh all you want, of course my paws are still swimming, I have no idea if you're going to drop me in the water again!

I think I might join the Olympic swimming team...

You can tell we are related, we both close one eye in pictures...hehe
Note, I am wearing a life jacket. When the life jacket is taken off, I can still swim but I seem to sink at the same time. I'm going again in December-January, I can't wait to show off for Lincoln. Hopefully, he will enjoy swimming too.

As a small disclaimer, my mom would like to apologize for the close of video taping of her in bathing suit and her high pitched "Minnie Mouse" (no irony there) voice :)

And that is why my trick trumps Lincoln's snarl and sit!


  1. Awwww!!!! Minnie, you look SOOO cute in your life jacket! I LOVED the video! I'm a big time swimmer... we should swim sometime together!

  2. You are a great swimmer Minnie!! We have never been, but it looks like fund :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. HEY MINNIE!!!!! I do the SAME thing - keep swimming when I am lifted outta the water! I went swimming in Lake Tahoe. It was kinda cold and I got shivery - but it was fun and I can't wait to go again. Lincoln you should totally try it too.
    Love Noodles

  4. Hahahaha! You're a good swimmer, Minnie!!! I do the SAME thing when mom picks me up by my "handle"!!! You are FEARLESS!

    My mom LOOOOVES your mom's cute pink bikini! Pink ruffles rule!!!


  5. Minnie, you are a great swimmer. I have taken Lola swimming before and she just stood there watching the other dogs. Maybe you can come teach Lola.

  6. Hi Minnie,
    This should be a category at the pug Olympics! You did a great job. Like you I love to swim even while being held above the water. My life jacket is pink too.


  7. Awww... sweet Minnie Moo ♥

    You look soooo adorable swimming! I like your life jacket; it is so You!
    I love swimming too.
    I'm going to Florida at the end of November so I'm hoping to get in some good swims :o)

    Neeko ♥

  8. I am jealous...I want to learn to swim but I haven't had the opportunity yet! I tell my Ami to trust me but she is so over protective!

  9. AWE MINNIE MOO! YOU ARE SO ADORABLE! AND HIP HIP HOORAY FOR YOUR GREAT SWIMMING SKILLS! Baby is still a wimpy wimp wimp for not enjoying a good swim. I love it though! My Human has yet to take me to a doggy beach. I never been to one - at least I swim in our big bath tub!


  10. Awwwwww!!!! How adorable!!!! Both you ladies look super cute!!

    And Minnie... your little paws when yous Momma picked yous up still paddling was too much...
    too cute!!!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man