Monday, November 1, 2010

Masked Intruders

I love kids. I really do. I let them pick me, carry me around like a stuffed animal and pull my tail. For some reason kids on Halloween make me really upset. I did not trust the little monsters with masks, ringing my doorbell at my Grandma's house and taking my food (well technically not my food because no would let me have any, but it was still my property). Lincoln, the usual "hot mess" was all sweet and docile, wearing his bee costume, never once barking. He even went to the door calmly every time, helping hand out candy.

How was no one else creeped out by all the little masked intruders running up and down the street?!

I have earned the nickname "Scrappy Doo," for my "lemme at them" attitude on Halloween. Mommy is still threatening those obedience classes.

However, the real drama over the weekend was not caused by yours truly but Lincoln. Saturday night, Lincoln's nose got warm and he got sick. After a couple of hours he acted fine so everyone assumed he had just worked himself into a tizzy. At 4 a.m. Lincoln got up to pace around the bed and Mommy reached out to comfort him and...Lincoln puked all over the bed and Mommy. Hehe. So Lincoln, Mommy and I got to sleep all curled up on the couch together. It was like camping. Kind of.

Safe to say, we had a very exhausting weekend. Time for a nap.


  1. Oh NO....poor Lincoln!!! We hope it was just a temporary "tizzy flu" and nothing serious!

    Minnie...I go totally ape$#it when the doorbell rings too. Mom and dad hung out in the driveway and handed out candy before all those little turdlets could get to the doorbell and hype me up!

    I hope you and Lincoln got a LOT of treats and had fun "sort of" camping!!! Give your brother some extra kisses from us, ok? Puking is NO fun!


  2. Minnie they creeped me out too (despite what I wrote on my blog). That was just a HALF Truth.
    Love Noodles

  3. Hope Lincoln is feeling bette! Even I, Macho Corbin, got scared of a werewolf... silly Halloween.

  4. Tell Lincoln we hope he feels better. And Minnie we only had two masked made mom sad there wasn't more. Maybe you should hang with us next year!!


  5. Woof! Woof! It was an exhausting weekend. Sending Lincoln Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Luckily for Hoke we don't get many little munchkins on Halloween. He love kids too but anyone who comes to the door gets the bark!!

  7. Minnie I'm with you. My Mom's secret reason for not getting me a Halloween costume or handing out candy last night was that I am a terror when it comes to someone coming to the door. I freak out. Not only that but I'm what my Mom calls "A Runner." I'm convinced life would be better on the outside and that I could survive without my Mom. I don't know why she is laughing right now.

    I hope Lincoln is feeling better! But camping sounds like fun too.


  8. Oh no! Poor Lincoln - we hope he is feeling better now!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. Oh poor Lincoln. Those little monsters would make any buddy throw up
    Benny & Lily

  10. I'm with you, I love kids when they are "normal", well as normal as kids can be. Last night they invaded my home, dressed all funny and took something from my mom and dad. I think next year I'm going to hire a guard dog to prevent the home invasions.

  11. Oh Minnie, I'm with ya! I got GROUNDED last Halloween because I was freaking out at some of the costumes and mom said I was scaring the kids! Helloooooo....they scared ME!!!!!

  12. Minnie, honey....I betcha them dang kids gave Lincoln some kinda cooties.

    Anyhoo....glad ya got tuh go campin'!

  13. It does sound like you had an exhausting weekend.
    Daisy and I hope Lincoln is feeling better!

    -Dana & Daisy

  14. Oh girl, I feel you on this. The doorbell sends me into a hound of hell mode. I give a very sharp BARRRRRRROOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Coco is all Guff Guff Guff. We have even watched as people run away! Kind of funny, but not good. I think Lincoln was trying to make you look bad..

    Kitty and coco