Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Gift

So Lincoln and I did a gift exchange. We received our present yesterday in the mail from Nova who is a big dog. Mama says he's a Great Dane but personally I think he might be a horse. Or pony. Maybe Nova could be the pony that Josie has been asking Santa Paws for...hmmm...

Anyway, I love presents. The biggest problem with presents are the lack of the thumbs. Thankfully, we were at Grandma's so she assisted us...

OMG, look at all of this loot. (Everyone keeps asking about our harnesses...Mom can't read the name on them but she got them at IncrediPet, Lincoln's has awesome gators on it and if you could see mine, it has owls...)

Lincoln, we've totally hit jackpot. (and yes I'm wearing a sweater with Pom Poms, it's really cold outside)

Um, Lincoln you have to share...it has both of our names on the box. Don't make me start a game of bitey face right here and now, you know I dominate.

Hmmm, I'm keeping an eye on you Lincoln...

Fine, I'm just going to claim some of these toys right now.

Hehe, I will hide it over here....

Those chewy things look interesting.

I really hate that Mom has these rules about "only one treat at a time" or "one treat per pug.."

Thanks Nova. You're the bestest.


  1. Nova the pony sure sent some great stuff. Have fun. The one treat thing is just nutty
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hi Minnie,
    You two did great on the presents. I like how you were hiding the toy. Hehee.

    Your sweater is precious, where did your mom get it for you?

    Enjoy all your new goodies.


  3. Look at all your stuffs!! Wow!! Yous really hit 'da jack pots!! 'dats very nice of Nova!!

    hee hees... "Hey Nova! If yous listening... Josie wants a pony" snorts~

    Minnie... yous sweater is super cutes too!!

    Well, yous enjoy yous both enjoy your bones...
    mine is clear and Mommy says I's talk to much wits mine in my Josie mouts..


  4. Wow, you all did hit the jackpot! Big loot from a big friend. Only 1 treat per pug???? Really, who made up those silly rules....not a pug!

    Lincoln's harness is kinda like Mack's-his is called Mr. Al for aligator and is green. I love your pom-pom sweater, Minnie Moo!

    Happy Holidays!
    Minnie (Cooper) and Mack

  5. Minnie we love your sweater you have on!!!

  6. Looks like you got some awesome stuff! Those treats look YUMMY!!!

  7. Well Im sooo glad you liked it! I sniffed out everything by myself!! (I did have to have mommy put it in the cart though!!)

    we hadso much fun learning about you two and finding the perfect pressies!

  8. Oh my goodness that's a lot of presents! you guys are two lucky pugs!

    oliver and jack

    PS we like your pom pom sweater

  9. Oh great, wonderful Gift.
    I hope you have had fun.

    Nice woooh

  10. like all your presents and that sweater is pretty looks like it was a good day.

  11. Oh what! Wunderfull presents!
    I think, wichteling with Sally is the biggest event in the year :-))

    WauWau Joy

  12. Wonderful pressies you have there. The HoundDogs

  13. Wow, you sure got good presents!!!

    Basil n Guinness

  14. Those gifts look great! Enjoy :)
    Maddy and Owen

  15. We wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

    Nice woooh
    Sally and her Can-Openers