Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smarty Pants

(Hanging out in my carrier in the airport, the first time I went to Florida)

Everyone always says how Lincoln has all the brains in this family. Mostly this is because of some silly dog IQ test that Mom tried to give me. If you've never taken the test before, make your Mom and Dad give it to you before reading on so not to spoil the surprise.

The first test question involves showing me a treat, and then showing me this treat as Mom places it under a cup. My attention span did not allow me to remember that the treat went under the cup. I got bored. What can I say?

The second test question involves throwing a blanket over me and timing how long it takes me to get out. Um, hello, it's much more fun to play under the blanket than it is to get out from under it!

By the time the third question rolled around, Mom was getting a little frustrated. So Uncle Travis took over. Supposedly I was supposed to come when he smiled at me. Instead I barked and growled. Uncle Travis has a suspicious looking smile...

Mom gave up. I didn't even get a chance to redeem myself. My Uncle Travis calls us "Pinky" and the "Brain." Yes, it's true that Lincoln can jump on the table and get the good food for us. And yes, it's true that Lincoln drops the food when he hears Mom coming and I'm left gobbling up as much as I can before punishments are dealt out. However, maybe that means only that I'm half of Lincoln's size and therefore, can not leap tall tables as easily as Lincoln. And that I would rather eat as much food as possible and take my punishment. Maybe Lincoln is not smarter, just a suck-up.

The other night I proved everyone wrong about how smart I am. Lincoln and I are going to Florida for a month, the day after Christmas. Lincoln has a fear of carriers. Lincoln has many fears. But this fear of carriers is a problem because if he can't get in a carrier, he can't go to Florida. I love carriers. After trying to persuade Lincoln for half an hour to get in his carrier, everyone gave up and just left it open so he could get used to it. The whole time I was running in and out of his carrier, showing them how I was the good pug. No one seemed to care.

Well Lincoln always steals my toys. He's bigger and nine times out of ten, he wins in tug-of-war or just simply dominating the toy. But being the smart pug that I am, I figured out that if Lincoln gets distracted, I can grab the toy and hide it in the carrier. He won't come in after it. So slowly, I hid all of the toys in the carrier and then went and sat on them. Ha, who is the smart pug now?!

(Lincoln considering going in after me...)


  1. Awesome you just proved your smartness. Maybe you should just tell him, if he doesn't get in his carrier he is not going. Next step, close him in with the toy and carry him around
    Benny & Lily

  2. Ahhhhh HAHAHA! Minnie... that was SO smart of you!

  3. Minnie you are so smart. Vincent is too. I hope he gets used to the carrier too. My mom asks if you will blog about your plane ride after you ride in the plane so we can read about the adventure. Since she is from Canada she is wondering what it will be like to fly home with me in a carrier (although, it's an 8 hour flights with 3 connections, you can't get a direct flight there!)... and please, have lots of fun in Florida!

    xoxox Snorts & love from Percy

  4. You are a smart puggie Minnie!

    When I swent to Seattle (the first time flying form Virginia) Mom used to have me get in my carrier and we would sit and watch TV together on the couch. That way I knew she would stay with me in the carrier. We practiced and practiced extending the time so it would be 3 hours of TV watching (with treats!). The flight was super long so we had to make sure I could stay inside that long. Good luck Lincoln.


  5. I had no doubts your are ONE SMART PUGGY Minnie. Tell your 'rents to stop indulging that suck-up Lincoln.
    Love Noodles
    PS Lincoln, I like you but you gotta lighten up a bit.

  6. Minnie, you totally just blew your cover! Now they know you are gutsy AND smart. Sounds like poor Lincoln is like my sis Scaredy Kitty.
    Can I tell you a secret? I have a crush on Lincoln. Ok, I said it. Maybe it is because of his non-nose wrinkle just like me. Don't tell anyones.


  7. Hi Minnie,
    You are so smart! Good luck with Lincoln.

    Like you I love my carrier. I spaz when I see it, carrier means an adventure is about to happen. For Christmas, I'm flying to Nashville. It will be my first plane ride. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    Hugs to you & Lincoln,

  8. Hee hees... so cute!! Minnie.. yous smart and a good sissy to Lincoln!

    Yous may sass him like 'da Josie sissy IzZY does to Josie brother Anakin, butt you have 'da best intentions!!

    So cute!!

    Josie wants to go to FL too... hee hee
    Josie has Mickey ears

  9. Minnie you are a smarty pants. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. Little Minnie besides being cute,, you are very smart..
    You just keep on showing the world how smart you are,,, and don't let anyone blame you for anything.
    Gee ,,, you are an adorable little girl!!

  11. That was a pretty sneaky toy stealing trick. Maybe you are too smart for the test?

    woof - Tucker