Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dog Beach

Yesterday we went to Dog Beach here in Florida. This is the only picture Mom was able to snap before Lincoln and I took off. I've been to the beach before. As far as we know this was Lincoln's first time. Lincoln loved the beach. He ran and ran and ran, making all kinds of new friends. He even ran in the ocean up to his mouth before he remembered that he didn't like to swim. Maybe he just likes to swim in the ocean? I don't know.

Anyway we played on the beach for a hour before Mom decided she had shopping and other stuff to do. So like a good pug, I came running when my Mom called for me. Lincoln however, pretended he didn't know his name and kept running with all his new friends. Finally, Mom caught him and then we had to literally drag him while he cried the whole way off the beach. People stared at us like Mom was being mean to Lincoln. Then Lincoln cried for fifteen minutes when we got in the car. Lincoln really loves the beach. I love the beach too but I don't cry over it. Lincoln is such a baby.

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!


  1. Poor Lincoln. He was having such a good time, he didn't want to leave. We don't like the beach that much. The waves kind of scare of us. And we never get to go in the summer when it's hot enough to get in the cold Atlantic! Darn rules.
    You guys are having so much fun! Enjoy your vacation and be safe coming home.

  2. Happy New Year to you all! I can't believe Lincoln went into the water like that. He's too funny!

  3. Happy New Year Minnie! Lucky you have a dog beach. There is no dog beach in alabama!


  4. Happy New Year! Sorry Lincoln didn't like his swimming lesson. No worries, not all doggies enjoy that sensation of nothing underneath.


  5. Miaumiau! I'm Kika and I love having friends, I come to invite you to be my friend and late but wish you a happy New Year 2011
    Ronrons of

  6. Lincoln pretended he didn't know his name! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Oldest Pug trick in the book!

    SO cool that you guys got to hang at the beach!!! Mom says that I look like a chicken cutlet when I go to the beach because I like to rub my face in the sand and then snooter it all over the place!

    Happy New Year guys!!! We can't wait to see what kind of adventures await you both in 2011!


  7. oh how fun minnie!
    what a great way to ring in the new year!
    happy 2011!
    m & e

  8. I think it sounds like Lincoln has been to the beach before or something! Maybe only in his dreams. :)

    Later friends!

  9. 'da Beach looks sooooo fun!!! :)