Thursday, January 27, 2011

Late New Year's Resolutions

I didn't really make any resolutions for the new year. Florida vacation kind of got in the way and it didn't even really seem like a new year until we got home. Besides, I'm not exactly very good at following the rules. I tend to believe rules are suggestions...

Since I have been seemingly remiss in writing my own new year resolutions, my Mom has decided to write me a couple:

1) I will NOT roll my toy balls seemingly on purpose, under the couch or coffee table, and then claw furiously until someone gets them out.
2) I'll try to remember that the garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
3) I will try to shake the water out of my fur while still in the bathtub or outside the door before getting on the couch or Mom's bed.
4) I will not eat the cat's food, before or after they eat it.
5) If I throw up, I will not eat it believing erroneously that I have miraculously made food.
6) I will not steal Mom's underwear and then play the chase game.
7) I will TRY to not eat my pee pad which only makes me very stopped up.
8) My head does not belong in the refrigerator.
9) Since we do not have a doorbell, I do not need to bark every time I hear one on T.V.
10) I will not wake up Mom by sticking my face in hers and then clawing furiously until she wakes up.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep any of those resolutions.

So here's my revised list:

1) I resolve to try and "walk" the entire walk, rather than stop halfway through and make someone carry me.
2) I resolve to play more tug of war and less bitey face.
3) I resolve to give more kisses and less barks, when someone new comes in the door.
4) I resolve to make more new friends.
5) I resolve to take more naps and cuddles with the people that matter.

Now that will be easy. Well, except for the first one. I can't be expected to walk on ice, it hurts my little paws.


  1. Hahaha, oh Minnie. Your revised list sounds MUCH more reasonable for a little puggie girl! ;)

  2. You are kidding! Don't do it, don't listen...especially#1.
    Benny & Lily

  3. OMD Minnie - you sound JUST LIKE ME!
    BTW, if they don't want us to bark at the tv doorbells, why do they make them SO realistic? Sheesh! How's a PUG to know?
    Love Noodles

  4. Minnie I totally don't get why #5 is on your Moms list. I mean if you throw up it is like we made food and must devour it all again!

    Good luck girl.


  5. You and your mom just made me and my mom laugh out loud! We missed you so!


  6. I like the revised list. My favorite is #1
    We can try together

  7. wow that is an ambitious list. i already broke my new years resolution. mommy didnt really expect it to last long anyway. glad to see you and lincoln had fun in fl. sure beats the cold and snow!

    oliver and jack