Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whip Worms...What?!

Oh Lincoln Loo Loo...he just can't catch a break. His tummy has been upset since he came back from Angus' house but mommy figured it was because he was upset over being left. However, he kept getting sick and he started biting himself again. So yesterday, mommy decided it had been long enough for Lincoln to feel better and they went to the vet.

I got jealous. Even though I was chilling with daddy, I refused to play or even look at him. I kept my eye on the door. Waiting patiently.

Anyway, supposedly Lincoln got a lot of attention at the vet. First, he gassed the place, pretty much clearing out the waiting room. Then he had an accident on the floor. But I would like to point out that Lincoln did try to warn everyone with the gas. Finally, he saw the vet and she said he has an ear infection, allergies and whip worms! Whip, What?! He gets all kinds of treats right now so he will take his medicine...I can't help it, I'm still jealous. Even though I don't want little worms or an ear infection or allergies...I just want the treats.


  1. Poor little Lincoln, no wonder he was not feelin' so great. Good treats and meds will hopefully get him back to his normal, happy self!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  2. Whip worms?! Poor Lincoln. I think as a concerned sister you should also get treats for helping to take care of him. You are so kind and caring, besides...his treats are hiding pills (shhh don't tell anyone I know this secret trick) and you don't want that right? I'm a smart girl and I eat the treat and spit the pill out! AH HA!! Don't worry my little Minnie...you still get all of our attention.

  3. Oh gosh! Whip Worms, Ear infection, and allergies?! Poor Lincoln! You are such a good pug sister going with him, Minnie. With a little more time, Lincoln should be back to good health.

  4. Lincoln, you poor baby! You look skinny in that picture, too! You probably just look skinny to me because I am... ummm... overweight.

    I sure hope you feel better. And Minnie girl, I hope you get your fair share of attention while he is sick too.


  5. Minnie we hope Lincoln gets feels better soon. ANd we don't see anything wrong with your parents slipping you a lil treat every once in awhile we he gets his meds.

    Hugs to you both!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  6. I'm so sorry for Lincoln! I hope he feels better soon :)

  7. You could volunteer to be his caring "nurse". Nurses get to administer the meds, which come in treat form. Just saying. Really though, poor Lincoln. Very sorry to hear you have the creepy crawlers in there. You made us all proud at the vet with pooping on cue.

    Kitty and Coco

  8. Little Minnie
    Its so miserable to have so many things wrong.
    I know your feeling the miserys, but i hope you feel better soon. I think it was a smart vet to find all that stuff wrong at one time.
    Takes your meddys and go to beddy,, you will feels better tomorrow