Friday, September 10, 2010

We might need a car seat...

I love the car. Car rides mean I get to go places. Visit people. People give me treats and cookies. When it was just me, I always rode in mommy's lap. She whined a little but anytime she put me in my carrier, I would furiously scratch until she let me out. This was all good until Lincoln came along. He doesn't fit in my pink carrier and he hates to be alone. So now we fight to both sit in mommy's lap. Together....

Mommy keeps worrying that all this "sharing" is going to cause a wreck. I don't know anything about wrecks, but I might flat out refuse if she makes me ride a car seat.


Notice, I still get the prime spot of looking out the window. If I don't sit in a lap, I can't reach to see outside. It's really a simple concept of why I should be the one allowed to sit in the lap.


  1. Minnie I am the worst at riding in the car. Even after the 3000 mile trip I still suck at it. Maybe you can get a booster dog seat with a riding harness. I ride in a harness in the back. Tuni always gets to sit up front becasue she just sleeps everytime in someones lap. We hope your Mom finds something that works for you. Yoda and Brutus have a booster seat they like.


  2. Oh Minnie, I hate to rain on your parade,but you must relent and be safely restrained. I used to love to drive, then Brigitte came along and loved it more. She still freaks out in the car if she can't be in front. But we all are in the back on our bench doggy seat. When it was just me and Brigitte, we had a Lookout. It was kinda cool. We could see out the window andwe were also secure in the seat.

  3. Hi Minnie!

    Your mom is quite the pug lap juggler!
    I can barely maneuver the wheel with one
    beefy pug on my lap hehe.

    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  4. Lincoln are you sleeping on your mom's arm while she is driving? Kudos to you, young man! My mom only lets me ride in the front if it's too hot for me to go in the back in my crate away from the a/c. I tried to get on her lap once and she wasn't having any of it! You are lucky pugs!