Monday, September 27, 2010

Where is Summer?

I got my party summer dress on, I'm ready to get a tan. The only problem is, summer seems to have disappeared. I woke up cuddling with the Mommy to Lincoln pacing back and forth over my head. So as our usual routine, we got up and went outside so Lincoln could pee on every sign, bush and non-moving object for twenty minutes. (Thank you, I will stick to either peeing in the house or on a pee pad.) Except it was raining and 50 degrees. So I refused to walk. In fact, I had Mommy carry me. Lincoln trudged ahead like he was forging another Oregon Trail. So all I wanna know is where did summer go?


  1. You look beautiful. Come on over it's 96 degrees today
    Benny & Lily

  2. Too bad you don't live in the bay's about 100 degrees today. Mom busted out with my mini pool. Just convince your mom to move...Cali pugs rock!

  3. Your dress looks fun and cute! We lost our summer so fast Tuni is wearing sweaters already.

  4. Minnie you look smashing in that sundress! Just make your Mom turn the heat on at your house! I like the cool weather, it lets me go on longer walks so my Mom isn't always freaking out about me having a stroke.


  5. Our Summer was gone when we gots up yesterday too. You sure looks cute in your dress though!

  6. Oh my goodness... my momma just LOVES your dress!