Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lincoln the Spaz Pug

My big brother Lincoln is a spaz. He walks in circles when he's on a leash until him and I are both tangled up. When Mommy comes home, he cries and jumps on her repeatedly. No matter what he eats, he never gets fat. He's like an Olympian, he can jump all the way to the back of the couch and then balance. Lincoln sometimes won't even eat his breakfast, he will turn his head. Furthermore, he has perfectly straight teeth?! What kind of pug is he?! Doesn't he know that anytime they put food in front of you, you should eat it as fast as possible?

That's Lincoln in the picture up above, Mommy says he has a teddy bear face. I can't believe he has a real nose though. When I was a wee wee little puppy, I had to have a nose surgery because I could barely breathe. The vet said I was a "mouth breather." Hehe but Lincoln he almost has a muzzle. The vet says he's all puggy though. Mommy would like me to mention that Lincoln is just an "evolved" pug without the weight and nose issues. I still say Lincoln is a spaz.


  1. Minnie,

    We're with you. Lincoln cannot be a pug! Not eating?!!!! That's just crazy. We think he must be playing the part of a pug but you got him all figured out.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

    Pee.S. Mommy thinks Daisy looks like a Teddy Bear too. She calls her "Teddy Pug"

  2. Hahaha Lincoln a spaz? Don't worry girlie, he's not the only one. Baby has the same nose so it is a lot easier for him to breath. I however have a little bit harder time breathing but our vet says that I should be fine. My nose is fine so thank goodness. I guess Lincoln is one happy pug with a pawsitive mind all the time.
    ~Lucy the Pug

  3. Awww, Lincoln is so cute. And he almost does have a snout! We can see it.
    I'm a puggle. My humom said puggles get the best from the pug but without the problems! Mack has breathing problems so he can't go out in the heat. Humom feels a little guilty when he has to stay home, but it's for the best. You take care of your big brother!

  4. BOL! That was a cute post Minnie! I wish I could eat and not get fat...typical girly wish!

  5. Lincoln I am just like you, except for the not eating part. I gots only a tiny nose wrinkle. I snored so loud when I was a pup that mom had to wear ear plugs, but I grew out of it.
    You are extra super cute.


  6. Whoa...I think I just saw a pig fly...a pug passing on a meal? That's one odd brother you have there Minnie. Maybe he should have his own blog?

  7. Minnie I soo agrees. I had to have that nose surgery too. I eat everything in super fast and am a chubby puggy.


  8. Hi sweetness
    I seem to have missed some stories and they are tooo good to miss, so I am back.
    You are so funny,, and you make us laugh,
    You have the cutest bloggie ever! That is so funny, all those things about Licoln and all.
    Lincoln does have a teddy bear face, and he is adorable!
    A spaz with striaght teeth tee hee hee!
    thank you for coming into our world