Saturday, September 11, 2010

Game Face On

So today starts the UK football tailgating season. Mommy said she would take us except the possibility of rain, people feeding us because we are adorable and have to keep us leashed the entire time around all those cars. First off, I love rain. Water is pretty much my best friend (I will have to post my swimming video sometime). Secondly, people feeding me because I am adorable?! How is that a problem? Honestly? And third, it is not me that would have to be's Lincoln. Sometimes he gets a little excited and starts prancing in every direction like a show pony.

Despite not getting to go tailgating, mommy did take some pictures of us in our coordinating outfits. Enjoy :)
A view from the top...

Lincoln posing...

I'm a cheerleader, can't you tell? Rah Rah!

Once again, Lincoln trying to upstage me with his perfect little poses...

Lincoln ruining the picture with his yawn...hehe but I still think it is cute!

Finally, sweet, angelic pugs :)

Go UK!


  1. You two looks great! Dad goes next weekend to the tail gating and he gave me the same reasons for having to stays home...pfft is right.

    Sequoia....I guess go UW? Shhh don't tell anyones thats my team though ok.

  2. Hi Minnie Moo,
    Nice to meet you! I'm a girlie girl too. Thanks for visiting my blog. We are big football fans to but my Florida State T shirt must have shrunk because it doesn't fit anymore. Go Seminoles Boo hoo, they are losing as I paw this :(. Hope UK wins.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  3. We aren't a sporty family, but we are all for tailgating. Has anyone ever tailgated for a day at the mall?

  4. You two look great together in your uniforms! Go team GO!

  5. Minnie and Lincoln you are looking so good in your outfits! I'm so glad we found your blog. I have a Bama jersey with my name on it but Mom got it for me when I was "new" and she didn't know about pug sizes so it's way too small (a Medium - what was she thinking??)! So she's going to frame it and hang it on the wall instead!

    And Minnie, I think you are pretty cute too. ;)

    Later friends!