Friday, August 13, 2010

Sleepy Time

I love me some sleepy time. I play hard, I sleep hard. Mommy says I snore like a trucker but I do not care. I even sleep with my head on the pillow under the covers like a real girl.

Lincoln can fall asleep sitting up.

But when it comes to sleepy time at night, Lincoln can not sleep. Mommy says he's just anxious but I don't understand why he has to get up all night.

I'm going to try and help Lincoln not be so anxious all the time. We are gonna have us a talk.


  1. Welcomes to the pug bloggie world, Minnie (and Lincoln)! I's so happy you stopped by my bloggie to say hello.

    Your Mom is so sweet to foster other little pugs until they find their furever home. I has a feeling Lincoln will get more comfortable and start sleepings like the rest of us pugs in no time. You just keep being a good foster sister.

    We can't waits to read more about your adventures!

  2. Hello there new furriends!! Thanks for stopping by our bloggy and welcome!!
    Yous are just so adorable!! We's look forward to stopping by and playings!!

    Big Hugs!!
    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  3. Good for you! You need to help Lincoln just like we need to help our human who can't sleep nights. Let's see if your pug talk will help Lincoln out with his sleepless nights.

  4. Hi Minnie Moo,
    I think it's quite nice what you are doing for Lincoln, keep up the good work. Also, I would like to welcome you to the blogosphere. I think you'll like it here.I have met many new friends here and consider them like family already. I left you an award on my blog today, I hope you like it.