Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, I, Minnie "the great" found these delicious things called N-Bones when I went to Florida on a big plane with my grandma.

I let Lincoln get to the box first. No one had ever sent him a package before. Grandma sends me stuff all the time from Florida.

Finally the box was opened...

We were pretty excited. I had told Lincoln all about how awesome these edible bones were. They are wheat free and all natural. (I have no idea what that means, I just know that my tummy doesn't hurt after I eat one)

Lincoln got pretty excited. He acted like no one had ever given him a bone before.

Lincoln ran away with his bone and ate it as fast as he could.

I savored mine for a very long time...


  1. Hi there miss Minnie Moo!

    I am just getting caught up on your bloggie. You and Lincoln are TOO CUTE! I have never heard of those bones, but I always get sickie after eating bones, so maybe I should try these!!


  2. You two make some funny faces and my those are some rather large bones...yay!

  3. Bones from Florida? We live by Tampa, Florida where they make yummies like that. We're glad you've got a package. We never get anything in the mail. =(
    ~Baby and Lucy

  4. Ooooooohhhhh, that bone sounds like a winner. We are "aggressive" chewers, so how long do you think it would last us?
    You two are VERY cute by the way. Just seeing your blog for the first time.

    Kitty and Coco

  5. I smelled a bone coming from your way... care to share??

    My Mommy thinks you two are just so adorable! Okay.. what does that make me??

    Well, you two are pretty cute!!