Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lincoln Edition: Banana Boats and Bugs

I try to share the spotlight with my foster brother, Lincoln. I try. But seriously, the dude has some unresolved issues. Good thing mommy is getting her masters in psychology, maybe she can help shed some light on some of his more "special needs."

First, Lincoln has the need to mark everything. I think that is some kind of "boy" issue. While mommy is pretty understanding, grandma is not. Therefore, Lincoln has to wear a masculinity hider or as daddy calls it, a banana hammock, anytime we visit somewhere. Lincoln is a little embarrassed about this, so forgive the only picture of his special belt.

Second, Lincoln bites himself. Like all the time. The whole back side of him is covered with scars and bites. I think it is like biting your fingernails for him...but then it started getting serious.

So first he had to wear a cone....but it was just too big.

Then he went to the vet. I thought he was gone forever when they took him. I had no idea how jealous...errr...I mean sad, I would be when he got to go somewhere that I didn't. Lincoln promised me that he did not have any fun while he was away. In fact he sat next to the door in the vet room. He was probably looking for me.

Anyway, the short of it is, that Lincoln has some skin infection and possibly little bugs eating him. The vet said these bugs only attack you when you're really down in the dumps, that they don't attack spoiled pugs like me. But it's okay, he's taking some medicine (he gets extra treats!) and he had lots of shots. Don't tell anyone, but I feel kind of sorry for him.


  1. Hi Minnie! Gracie here to tells you thanky for visitums my family's bloggy. Isa hope we will be good friends...after all, us princesses need to stick together as there are so few of us. :)
    Princess Wave,
    Gracie Lynn :) (The Slimmer Puggums)

  2. Oh Minnie we hope Lincoln lil buggy friends stop eating at him so he feels better.

    We like his funny banana hammock :)

    Sequoia and Tuni

  3. Oh poor Lincoln,
    It's OK to be a princess and still care about your foster bro too. He needs you to show him how to be happy and able to chill out.Then he will start to feel better and be an easier hang. It won't be that hard, plus you'llbe praised for being so great.Win-win.

  4. Poor Lincoln - we hope he feels better soon!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Poor Lincoln!!! I's thinking he'll get better once he feels more like a real pug. You just keeps being nice to him and he'll feel more confident!

  6. Oh my gosh! Maybe Baby and I have that too! We've gotta go tell mommy about it. Thank you for posting this post. We hope you don't have any more itchies.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  7. Oh Lincoln! These pictures make me sad! I had some itchies last month and it turned out I had yeast and staph in my paws! And I just kept spreading it by scratching. Still don't know where that came from! I hope you get better really soon. (I'll share another secret - I mark stuff too. Just when my Mom thinks I've kicked that habit, I've gotta keep her on her toes by peeing on the sofa! It is a boy thing, we gotta have a special something that the girls don't!!)