Monday, December 12, 2011

Pug Hair = Fashion Accessory

I overheard Mama telling someone that pug hair is her new fashion accessory.
That she wears it on everything.
Wow, that means I'm always in fashion.
But I kind of already knew that.


  1. My mom used to have pug hair accessories every day when she lived with my grandma and grampa.... and Uncle Harley Pug!

  2. Minnie Moo! I just love that picture of you - so cute! You are right, us pugs are always in fashion so it's nice of you to share your sense of style with your mom.

  3. I think it is pretty popular, my Mom wears it too. She also uses that lovely Mineral Ice perfume.

  4. That's a very pretty bow, Minnie! We give the gift of luxurious pug hair for free to everyone, and all they have to say about it is "you pugs sure shed a lot" - they need a lesson in gratitude.


  5. you are in fashion...just stylin!
    Benny & Lily

  6. BOL isn't it the truth! Why Mum just saids to her BFF... only sit there if you want to wear the lastest in fashion!


  7. you should know that:
    no outfit is complete without doghair! harharhar
    the foxbrothers

  8. Minnie Moo,
    Then that means our whole, entire house is a fashion statement. Hu-mom tells visitors to NOT wear black when they visit. (We have cats, too)
    You look so cute in the picture, with your Christmas bow!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. Hi Minnie Moo!! My Mum says the same thing!!! Mum wears a lot of black and she says it looks like she has just rubbed me all ovber her! Hee,Hee! Our gorgeous Pug hair is deffo the new fashion accessory! I love the photo it looks so festive with the red ribbon and bow, you need to be Americas Next Pug Model to show off the new Pug hair accessory, you are sooooo super cute! Love, Licks and Phugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Pug hair makes for a good texture in food as well. Some always ends up on the parental's plate. Yum yum!