Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas card box

If you got a Christmas card from us, it looked like this....

We look super well behaved and angelic.
Don't believe for a second Lincoln and I posed without a fight.
Take here for instance.
Lincoln refused to SIT in the box. Why?
Lincoln just likes to always be "ready" to run.

Or here, when Lincoln and I were obviously conspiring to get out of the box.
Yo, Linky, you jump first!

Notice, I'm sitting the entire time. I'm the model dog. It's obvious.
Lincoln was thinking about the many treats he deserved for getting in the box.

Hopefully, none of you had to sit in a box waiting on your brother to behave.
I deserved extra cookies for this photo shoot!


Minnie Moo


  1. I have to hand it to you for even getting in that box in the first place! Hell-to-the-NO would my jumpy butt get in there. You sure looked cute though and we love your card. Coco doesn't like to sit either...interesting. I swear she and Linc are related.


  2. I'd love for you to arrive at my house in that box! It's be a super wonderful present!

  3. Nice Christmas photo you two! I hope you guys got some extra treats for enduring such a long photo shoot.


  4. Hi there Minnie and Lincoln! I love your card, did you see it on my blog? The card was so pretty I put it on my tree! I love your photo but was not aware that Linc was so naughty! I like the third photo down because it looks like you guys are kissing! Awww! Love, Licks and Big Pug hugs from your friend Frank, and thank you so much again for my Christmas card x x x x x x x x x x

  5. Minnie! You look is one of absolute resignation!!!! Ha! I think Lincoln deserved a time out not a treat - after all, you were behaving.
    I have to endure not one, not two, but THREE costume changes. The humility!!!!
    Love Noodles

  6. Love the pics, but I agree you should have got extra cookies for getting in that box.

  7. The perfect present! :)


  8. Oh my gosh- this photo of you two in the box is precious! And you made us smile.
    What a wonderful gift from you to me!

  9. Hee hee you two look so cute! We have never had to sit in a box just ontop of one. Go get those treats guys!

  10. we will take i box of pugs please
    Benny & Lily

  11. Hi Minnie Moo - MA-Kytah will sit in the box like she sits in the Bike Basket. Shady would absolutely have a hissy fit. I love this post and you were a goooooood pug weren't you. PUG HUGS from Guam.

  12. We got your card and love it, but I did wonder what kind of yummy goodness your mom must have promised to get you both to sit in a box...
    I like your outtakes too! Merry Christmas!

  13. you guys look great! mommy made us sit in the box last year and just like you minnie i was the good one. jack was like lincoln always trying to escape. we hope you guys get tons of toys and treats for being good little pugs!

    oliver and jack

  14. We love your card! And yes, Minnie, you are a good girl & America's next top pug model (so says Tess) xoxoox