Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fascinate a Pug

This picture sums up my weekend.
I watched Grandma decorate the tree.
Some things just fascinate a pug.
Other than that I had no real interest in the tree.
Which surprised my mama.
Especially since I didn't try to eat the tree.
Guess for once something didn't look tasty.
Lincoln didn't even lift his leg.
He MARKS everything.
He likes people to know he has stuff now that he's not homeless.


  1. We decorated our tree this weekend, too! Our foster dog, Ozzy, is like Linky and marks everything so we are a bit concerned that he will fiss on the tree. But so far so good xoox

  2. Hi Minnie Moo! Oh, I hope you got tons of treats for not trying to eat the tree. And I bet Santa took notice of you and Linky for being so good!

  3. So that's why dogs mark stuff...Mom is giggling.

    Mom was worried Emma would eat our tree or mark it (she secretly thinks she is a boy...she has marked Sequoia while she was peeing the other day). Nope she is behaving just like you Minnie!! Keep being good and Santa paws will reward you :)


  4. Hey there...I mark my stuff too but she would have a fit if I lifted my leg in the house!!! I can't even think about it!!!

  5. It's interesting to watch our people do things. We're sure your family is happy Lincoln didn't mark the tree. Mom thought we were going to do something to the tree last year, but nope. It's just a tree. Sheesh. There are tons of those outside.

    Pug love from
    Pearl & Daisy

  6. our mommy thinks you are such a good girl for leaving the tree alone. our first tree this year lasted 10 days. we chewed lights, pulled wires off branches, destroyed some ornaments, and turned the tree 180 degrees. man, that tree was toast! Mommy had to go buy a new tree. it is up on a table where we can't get at it.
    Merry Christmas,
    Uff-Da, PUgsly, Rufus & Angus

  7. Awww Minnie Moo you are so very cute! I was the same when My Mum put up the Christmas tree, I just stood and stared at all the sparkly baubles and the twinkly lights, it was wondrous so I can understand that you watched your Grandma decorate the tree like you are, you look truly mesmerised! My Mum was mad at me because I did play with a few of the ornaments on the tree, there is a row of silver bells I just can’t keep away from, so good on you for being such a good puggy and staying away and good on Lincoln too, knowing that he didn't even lift his leg and pee on it makes me proud of him, at least when Santa comes to leave you presents they won’t all be wet! Hee,Hee! Love and Licks and big Phugs from your friend Frank xxxxxx

  8. We put up our tree last night! Haven't decorated it yet though.

  9. Ugh, my little boy pup (1 year 3 months) just started marking everything, so frustrating. He isn't fixed yet, will that help?

  10. Minnie your pug mug is too cute!!! Mom put up our tree either and we don't care a thing about it. I'm like Lincoln - I mark everything too. I am now going to use the excuse that I am not homeless too. That's a good one!

    Happy Howlidays!

  11. I didn't really care about decorating the tree when Mom was putting it up either Minnie Moo. Now that it is up I am finding great joy in leaving logs on that pretty silver skirt with the glitter swirls.

  12. wow, Merry Christmas,the designs of your Christmas tree is very beautiful!

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  13. Keep up the good behavior and you guys are sure to get lots of toys and treats when Christmas rolls around. My 'rents have our mini-fiber-optic-tree up on a shelf so I won't be tempted to eat it.


  14. Aren't you lucky ... our tree is in another room and there is a baby gate up so we can't get to it. We don't know why but it could be because we like to chase each other around the tree and it makes mama nervous! We don't get it??? Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

    PS ... Thank you for the Christmas card! The two of you are adorable!

  15. You are smart...there could have been Christmas foodables in that box!!!


  16. We understand about being fascinated by the tree! Ours is coming this weekend, we can't wait!
    Maddy and Owen