Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bored and hungry

My mom wants me to start this post off by saying even though I didn't die eating the silica gel, no one else should try it. Supposedly, my mom has a lot of heart attacks over the things I put in my mouth. Google has been especially helpful in deciding whether I simply get yelled at or whether we make a trip to the vet. In my defense, only Lincoln has had to go to the vet over eating.

However, Lincoln tends to just eat just "food" products. (Except I did see him start chewing on an empty White Castle bag we found on our walk the other day...) So I guess Lincoln just chews on things that at least smell like food. I eat pretty much anything that I can figure out how to swallow. Everything in our small apartment is on the top shelf, there are baby gates everywhere and no doors can be left open at anytime. Our apartment has become "Minnie proof" which equals no fun. I've been left with few choices except to start exploring things such as shoe boxes for treats.

I'm bored and hungry.


  1. Minnie, no...don't do it! Believe me, I'm all for food (an addict really), but you don't want to end up at the vet office throwing up...and giving your poor mom a heart attack in the process. As much as it pains me to say this...I think you need an intervention! Or maybe like 10 Kongs stuffed with cheese, treats, and peanut butter. Ok, I vote that your mom get you the later.

  2. Poor Minnie :( We are sorry you have this addiction but we are glad your mom is keeping you safe! Mack ate some Tylenol capsules that one of the kitties knocked off the table and he was a real sick doggie. We don't like to think about that and what he had to go try to be a good doggie. We like the idea of 10 stuffed Kongs!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Don't try to teach yourself to jump those baby gates, your mom would have a really big heart attack then!

  4. We vote Kongs, too. Especially with frozen stuff inside. It takes a lot longer to finish them when they are frozen.

  5. Oh Minnie...eating it isn't the's getting it out the other end that's really a pain in the butt hahahahah. I once at a little watch battery with the plastic flash light around it...chewed it up like it was my job and they found little blue bits I don't think actually swallowed it all but I got a good taste of some of it!

  6. oh my that is ruff. I hates being hungry and bored toos. Mum says that she feels for your momma and all the heart attacks you two have given her. Yes thank goodness for google.


  7. I feel for you Minnie. I say if it fits in my mouth then I can eat it. Too bad mom doesn't feel the same way. Every time they leave they say to each other "Is the house Mochi proofed?"


  8. For a second I was thinking about what a hard life you have Minnie, then I remembered the picture of you floating in a pool.

  9. Hola Minnie!!!
    Oh we have the House also Doggie Proof!! But we still give her Hearty attacks!! We like the idea of 10 stuffed Kongs!
    Spongy & Licky

  10. Momma has to puggie proof everything from us-'da nerve

    Just the other day, me's got into some treats Momma let in place me was able to reach-
    hers caught me in 'da act-

    She says me is cat like-
    Me's jump on back of couch on to shelfs and tables

    Anakin Man

  11. Oh minnie you and jack would make the perfect pair then. he eats anything he can find too. doesnt matter if its food or not. if he can chew on the belly it goes. i on the other hand am much more selective. stick to food!

    oliver and jack