Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swatting Equal Rights

Dear Peeps,

I'm always getting blamed for everything. Yes, sometimes I knock over trashcans, unroll toilet paper and pee on people's clothes but I'm also really cool about it too. Why? Because I own it.

Lincoln, the pug sitting behind me in the car seat looking all serious...he's angelic.
Most of the time. Unless we're talking about the other night when Mr. Perfect (a.k.a Lincoln) saw an opportunity he could NOT pass up. It's called steak fajitas, black beans and rice. Mom just left her perfectly cooked meal sitting on the table as she went chasing after me. I, being the self-appointed PROTECTOR pug was busy barking at a new person who had just come into my house. By the time Mom got back to the kitchen, all of her food was gone. She probably would have thought it was that big mouse again (that has visited in the past...hehe) or some ghost if Lincoln had not been gracefully jumping OFF of the table.

OH BOY, Lincoln got swatted on his butt which never happens. Which is another point of contention that I would like to take up with Mom. Just because Lincoln has sad eyes that tell sad stories and he flinches every FIVE seconds doesn't make it fair that I'm the only one that gets swatted. I'm calling for SWATTING equal rights for all. And I'm tattling on Lincoln. Why? Because he didn't share any of that yummy steak! He has the long legs, it's only fair.


Minnie Moo


  1. Oh, Minnie! I can always count on you for a chuckle. But don't worry, girl. I'm right behind you on this issue! I can't believe that Lincoln didn't share any of that steak. I mean it was practically your prize since you distracted your mom. When will our peeps realize that the house, car, and everything really, is ours?!? So what difference does it make if we chew or lick or eat? Sheesh! Have a great weekend, Minnie and Lincoln!
    PS. I am head over heals for that picture! The looks on both of your faces is priceless and Minnie, your arm over the edge is great!

  2. Hi Minnie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you need long 'kangaroo-like' legs like me to get out of the way quicker.

    Love and licks, Winnie.

  3. Minnie, I like how you are riding along in that car bed with one leg hanging out like you are the boss.

  4. Now let's be fair. He may have been on the table chasing off the real food-stealer. OK, probably not.
    I love your photo. You BOTH look angelic.

  5. Oh my MOST MALIGNED MINNIE!!! That was TOTALLY unfair that you got zero steak even though you made it TOTALLY possible for Lincoln to STEAL said steak.
    I think you need a lawyer.
    Love Noodles

  6. Hey Minnie. I think you and Lincoln need to work together to perfect this strategy. One pug distracts, the other goes for the big score. Although next time, you've got to make sure Lincoln knows to split the spoils 50/50. -Love, Sid.

  7. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by Lincoln's ability to jump up and off the table OR by his ability to inhale mom's dinner in under 10 seconds. Nice.

    Oh and Minnie Moo, you look awfully precious in that picture. xoxo

  8. Minnie Moo, there's no excuse for Lincoln to not share such a prize. Shame on him!

  9. We agree with Sid. Got to teach Lincoln to be a team player.

  10. I don't undetstand why your brother has not learned to share! Not even one little bite.
    I don't blame you at all for being upset!
    I would be too.
    I tell ya,, that photo is fanstastic!

  11. Oh minnie its totally unfair that your mommy only swats at you. i know exactly what you mean. my brother jack gives her that adorable face and he never gets in trouble for anything. but me...always! i hope lincoln learned his lesson to share with you though. that was totally uncool!

    oliver and jack

  12. Oh Linclon! Mama has been very busy and the Pawm is tomorrow, September 3rd. Please visit this website for more details: We must get our pictures into them on Friday. Sorry again for such late notice. You will look handsome in anything you wear and I'll try to look nice for you.
    Your Pawm date,
    Lily Jayne

  13. Hi Minnie!

    That's a bummer Lincoln didn't share any of that stolen
    dinner with you. Hope you get some delicious snacks
    this weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  14. Minnie are you sure you had NOTHING to do with Lincoln eating Mom's food? You weren't purposefully causing a distraction to help him out b/c you actually LIKE him? Hmmmmmmm!


  15. I hope he didn't eat the beans... that would've made him seriously stinky! :0