Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day of pugs

Lincoln and I had the opportunity to meet up with Chole and her foster brothers over the weekend. Chole is the adorable pug we met awhile back. Her mama fosters pugs for the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue which is where Lincoln is from (i.e. we were foster failures). 

(Prepare to be overwhelmed with pug pictures taken by Chole's mama. We just had too much fun not to share)

Here is Sunny, Ozzie and me attacking mom all at the same time. 
Sunny and Ozzie are foster brothers.

This diva pug is Chole. She's tiny like me.
Here is mom handing out free pug butt scratches to Ozzie. 
I tried to not be jealous.
Chole's human sister Tessa is loving on Sunny. 
He's such a good boy.
With all the snorting going on, a water break was a must.
Here I am, looking for someone to adore me...
Chole's mom says she looks like a fruit bat here...hehe
Pugs look like fruit bats! <3
Don't worry, we weren't snooty, we made friends with everyone.
Or at least Chole and I checked them out...
Hey, you're not a pug....
Ozzie (fawn pug) and Sunny (black pug), foster brothers looking for a forever home.
There was so much sniffing and snorting...
Lincoln had to be put on a leash at the end.
He wanted to run with the big dogs
and he kept forgetting to come when his name was called...
Silly Lincoln
Unsurprisingly, I decided since I was the smallest, I had to be top dog. 
I choose the oldest pug.
Best to start out conquering someone you know is going to let you win.
Mom continued to hand out belly rubs to Ozzie. 
We all watched in jealousy.
Tessa, Chole's human sister, holding me. 
See, I can play nice when I want to be held.
Another successful puggy play date.


Minnie Moo


  1. What a great day, everyone looks like they were having so much fun meeting new friends!

  2. Fun times!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What great pictures! Looks like you all had a fun time together!

  4. We had such an awesome time! And Linky cracked us UP barking at that big dog and running after (but not picking up) his tenny ball :)

    Hope to see you guys again soon!!

  5. What a fun play date. Who made Ozzie the King of belly scritchies??? I'm jealous. You looked super cute in your hot pink harness Minnie. And hey, at least you did attempt to talk to the snauzer guy.


  6. Look at all the cute pugs! Pugs everywhere! Little snorty faces and fruit bats.
    We wish we could have one of those puggies who need a home, but we are too far away.
    I hope they get a forever home soon

  7. Awwwww soooo cute!!!!
    I think that it is an amazing thing to foster pugs! The Kentuckiana Pug Rescue sounds like a fab organisation! I just can not believe that you and Lincoln are from there, but you were not foster failures! You have a home!
    Sunny and Ozzie are super cute, you all look like you had soooo much fun! Lots of Love, Licks and Tummy rubs from your friend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxx