Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Cheesy Birthday

So the best part of my birthday was my very first cheeseburger.
I could smell it a mile away....

I tried to wait patiently but Mom was taking forever

Don't worry, Lincoln got one too.
Mom was too busy around his gotcha day so it was a double celebration.

It seriously took Mom forever to unwrap it.
I would totally have eaten the wrapper.

Look at how yummy that looks!

Get in my belly!
That burger is almost as big as me!

It was gone in a jiffy.

I burped for fifteen minutes afterward.
So good.

I wish everyday was my birthday.
So does Lincoln.


  1. Wow, what a great double birthday celebration that was! Nice toys and yummy looking burgers. Happy birthday to both of you:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  2. Wow! That was a BIG burger! What a great way to celebrate your birthday! BTW, your food bowls are so cute!

    The Road Dogs

  3. Me too! I am asking for one of those cheeseburgers for my birthday, and maybe even Christmas! I'm so glad that you and Lincoln had a great (and yummy) day!
    PS. Are those new harnesses you've been wearin'? Lookin' great, girl!

  4. I love the pic of you licking your chops, Miss Minnie Moo. Glad you enjoyed your cheesy burgers!

    P.S. Minnie, dis is Chloe-hab yews mummaz take yew to McDonald's House acause dey hab dis magikal window dere where u can gets LOTS of cheesey burgers, fwies AND ice cweam cones.
    P.P.S. Tell Lincoln I said "hi" xoox

  5. Yum Yum Yum! What a way to celebrate your special day!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. Hsppy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day - it looks like it was a wonderful celebration for both of you! YUM!

  7. We love the "get in my belly". We here that a lot around our house. LOL

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  8. I love these pictures that tell the story of your birthday hamburger! My mouth is watering just looking at them. Your one lucky pug!

  9. You are such a lucky pug!!! Momma has shared a McCheesy burger with me, but to have my own!!!! That would be heavenly!! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!



  10. Oh Happiest of Birthdays to you Minnie! And a Happy belated Gotcha day to Lincoln.

    Cheeseburgers are my favorite of all - In fact I requested them for my Birthday dinner which is this Saturday.

    woof - Tucker

  11. Oh my goodness that burger looks amazing I am drooling just looking at your photos, that is one fantastic Birthday present to get and I'm glad that Lincoln got one too! Yummy! I hope that you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to you, your names Minnie Moo, Happy Birthday little puggy, Happy Birthday my pug-a-boo! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  12. Wow, that cheesyburger was huge! And gone in no time! Looks like you really had a great birthday, Minnie!!

  13. It looks like the best birthday ever...Happee Birthday sweetie
    Benny & Lily

  14. Minnie we missed your birfday post...oh happy happy birfday sweet Minnie. Yummy that cheeseburger looked delish. Hope all you birfday wishes came true.

    the girls

  15. ohhh you guys have A&W those burgers are so good =0P i'm glad you had a good barkday

  16. Happy birthday minnie! you got a whole cheeseburger for your birthday?!?!?! that is so cool! and your very first one?!?! they are good arent they! Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed your special day!

    oliver and jack

  17. OH-MY-GOODNESS... I want, no, need one of those. Minnie you and Linky are so lucky. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! Mom was slacking yesterday and didn't sign on to leave comments. Sorry furiend.

    Kitty and Coco

  18. Oh man! I don't know how you kept your cool while your mom was getting the burger out of the bag and unwrapping it. It must have felt like a MILLION YEARS! But, I'm sure it must have been worth the wait. I've never had a cheeseburger but my mouth is watering just thinkin' about it! Glad you and Lincoln both got to enjoy such a special treat.


  19. Happy Birthday Minnie!! That cheesy burger looks delicious!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  20. Happy belated birthday! We love your bowls. But those burgers look even better. YUM!

  21. Happy happy happy birthday Minnie Moo!!!

    Wow...that cheesyburger looks FABULOUS! Did mom take you to the magic speaker box and window that dispenses them? It is the COOLEST! I even try to order my own, but the dumb people inside don't speak Pug.

    Hope your birthday festivities carried on all weekend!


  22. Sorry I'm a few days late Miss Minnie...Happy belated birthday to a beautiful pug and friend. I'm hoping that burger was wonderful and fat know us pugs and our waistlines!
    Many wonderful birthday wishes for you in the future...and yummy treats

  23. Happy late birthday Minnie!!! I still haven't gotten a cheesyburger either. It was nice of you to allow Lincoln to have one on your birthday too.

    And not only is my mouth watering but so is Mom's. She grew up with an A&W drive-in in her tiny hometown but now there is only like one A&W in all of St. Louis and it's attached to a silly Long John Silvers and it's just not the same. Mmmmmmmmm, A&W......

    Mom, let's go get some burgers!