Monday, July 11, 2011

Torture Device

So Mom got Lincoln and I a new "treat." Treats around my house usually equal cookies. Sometimes clothes or other awesome things. This time treat equaled a car seat. For all of you dogs out there that don't know what a dog car seat is, I can sum it up in two words: torture device. Usually I have free reign in the car so I pick the best seat, Mom's lap. Lincoln alternates between pushing all the buttons in the car, sticking his butt in someone's face and jumping from seat to seat. Mom took all of those privileges away. Essentially now I'm stuck in a seat with Lincoln, where I can either sit up or lay down. No jumping, no cuddling and no freedom, hence, the torture. I accepted my fate like the lady pug I am. Lincoln cried and then he tried to strangle himself. However, none of that convinced Mom we would ever ride anyway except in a car seat again. Whoever is making these dog torture devices should be peed on or worse, given a "Lincoln butt" in the face. Just saying.


  1. Oh, dear. You guys look very sad but also so adorable. We're sorry for the torture but your Mommy is smart getting you the seat. You'll be much safer now. (Daddy always tells us how loose "objects" (us) in the car will just crash through the windshield if there is ever an accident).

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  2. Poor Lincoln. He does look tortured with that sad look on his face. Help him get through it Minnie. My mom uses a seat belt on me, another horrible invention! She was afraid to get one of those seats thinking that I might strangle myself trying to get out of it. They claim it is for our own good, but I just don't buy it. Minnie, keep us posted on operation "pee" and we'll join you!

  3. I can't stop laughing. You are so funny. I hear you on the confinement in the car thing. I have to ride in a crate. Always have. I've NEVER been loose in a car. And I have to share with Arnie. But I get my revenge every time mom stops the car - I scream at the top of my lungs. Gets her every time.

  4. Minnie - my Mommy bought one of those torture devices for me and I MADE HER TAKE IT BACK! Not only did I whine incessantly once placed it in, but I managed to JUMP out and nearly strangled myself, as well. So Mommy decided perhaps my other seatbelt will have to do even though I can wiggle out of it at will. She is threatening to CRATE me for the trip to Tahoe if I don't learn to behave.
    Love Noodles
    But I have to admit the picture of you and Lincoln is ADBORBS!!!

  5. I have been looking into getting something to restrain the pugs when we travel. Maybe two of these are just what I need! The two of you look so unhappy but you are safe ... so that makes your mama very happy! Pug Hugs, Ellen

  6. Hmmmm... I don't think I could fit in one of those, thank goodness!

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  8. You guys we love our seats. You get to see everything that's going on
    Benny & Lily

  9. Look, guys, all you have to do is puke in there a few times and your mommy will have to dispose of it. Being on a lap with your butt in someone's face is the only way to travel. -Love, Sid.

  10. Mack and I each have our own Snuggler car seat. I've been in a car seat since the day I was adopted at 7 weeks old and don't know any better. You guys were allowed to wander around the car? Wow! Hu-mom said us puggies are like missiles if we were ever in an accident and MUST be restrained just like the humans. It kind of makes sense. (She used to work as a claims adjuster for a major automobile insurance company and handled injury claims. She knows what can happen even in a small impact!)

    They are a great place to take a quick snooze!

    Your picture is absolutely precious! Makes us LOL>

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  11. Minnie I understand you pain. I am strapped in tight with a riding harness in the back seat no less! I can't stand on the dash board or stick my nose all over the volume dial and scratch my way to Dad's driving seat anymore. I used to houdini out of one but Mom just bought another brand. Tuni is the only free rider in our family because she is so lame she sleeps the whole way in the car pfffft. Can we use Lincoln's butt when we find who made the riding harness? Good luck girl.


  12. Awesome ride! We have one of those, too. We've ridden in it since we were pups, so we're used to it. But sometimes, it just isn't big enough for two rambunctious sisters. Mom needs to get a car with a back seat so we can have some space!

  13. Please hide this post from my moms.. I do not want them to see ANYTHING concerning one of these torture devices. I have heard them "discussing " it.
    I do think you look so cute,, and well yes,,, SAFE,, and tortured,,
    I hope you get used to it,

  14. OMP terrible just terribles! I can only say this..... THANK GOODNESS I AM A HUGE PUG! You see Mum wanted to gets me one of those torture devices but fortunately for moi I am too big to fit them. She gave up looking for one to fit me and now I lounge in the front seat all the times.


  15. Hi guys me Winston again. Stop by my blog.... I dedicated a post to you both!

  16. mommy makes us wear seatbelts attached to our harnesses too. for some reason she doesnt appreciate us on her lap while she drives either. i think it makes driving more fun!

    oliver and jack

  17. I too am a front seat lounger - except when I'm told to "get in the back!" with all it's fluffiness, it may not be so bad in winter, if you get winter where you are.
    Just saying.

  18. I know....I scream at Mom all the time, mine's called a "Fido Rido" :(

  19. Look at that Pug Basket! That's what it is isn't it?? Ha! I always have to ride in my crate BUT a couple of weeks ago she took me to the groomer and it was hot and it's not very far away so I got to ride in the front seat. Well I had to go and ruin that by jumping in her floorboard when we got to the groomer! Luckily her foot was on the brake b/c I plopped down right on the gas pedal. It made a lot of noise and freaked Mom out. I found it highly entertaining.

    Now that I have a brother though Mom is thinking of getting us seat belt harnesses but she doesn't know what kind to get. So she might just get another crate. She's indecisive.

    Later friends! Enjoy your Pug Basket!

  20. The puggy car seat sounds like a good idea...but you guys do NOT look happy about it. Poor Lincoln trying to strangle himself, silly boy. I hope you get to ride on mama's lap soon xoxo