Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Silverback Pug

Lincoln here. Someone with ten (yes, ten) pugs saw my picture and called me a "silver back" pug. People are always commenting on how long legged I am and what a great pug nose I have. I know I'm not tiny or have to mouth breathe like Minnie...but what is a silver back?! I can't find anything on Google about silver back pugs. Google talks about silver back gorillas but they are alpha males with gray fur and I'm no alpha with gray fur. I'm definitely a lover, not a fighter. Mama says to not worry, that I'm perfect and "evolved." I'm really wondering though if anyone knows what a silver back pug is and if I am one...


  1. Ummm, ten pugs?! Holy smokes. That is a whole lot of curly tail. Anyway, no idea about the silver back label, but I think we should start a pugs with snouts club. I have a nose JUST like yours, and it seems to be out of the norm. Flaunt those giraffe legs honey!

    Kitty and Coco

  2. Hey dude!
    It's Reggie Pug here.. just writing to say that I too, am a "silver back" Pug. I've never heard it called that before but people comment on my longer snout and long legs so I think I am one too. I breathe better than most Pugs and don't snort or snuffle really. I also am taller and weigh more than a lot of standard Pugs I meet, even now that I lost all my fat weight. I am double the size of some of the petite Pug ladies I've met... Anyhoo I think we are of the same. Silver back Pugs unite!

  3. Hmmm, Lincoln. I also am not aware of this silverback pug thing. I can tell you that when my parents got me from my breeder (yes, I was chosen from birth. Lucky never to have needed to be rescued)My breeder Anna (really nice pug lover of the breed) told Mom and Dad, "I'll never sell you one of those giraffe pugs." They didn"t know what she meant really, until Sluggo came along. He is totally long legged with a long neck, and skinny for a pug. No breathing issues either, although his face is pretty flat. Maybe he is a silverback too. I hope someone can clarify this. Now I am curious too.
    No matter what, I think you are totally handsome, a real looker, and every bit a pug's pug!

  4. I have a feeling they are callingyou a gorilla. A silverback gorilla
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Lincoln, Winston heres. My mum sometimes thinks I am a silver backs too. I thinks she said it is likes we have some black silvery stripe down our backs. All I knows is that people always always tells me I am a big pugger. Big as in talls not fats. My friend Babette, her momma tells me that's there are 4 types of pug body shapes. Sounds to mes likes yous gots the one called "athletic". There is boxey shape, Athletic, compact and one mores which I don't members. I am boxey shaped. Compact is the more petite shape with shorter legs, Athletic is the long legs and lean body and boxey is square and solid likes a bull dog.

    Hopes this helps yous

    Winston wilbur

  6. Hola Chicos!!
    We never knew about the Silver Back Pug, one thing we do know your a Handsome Puggie.
    Spongy & Licky

  7. Hmmm...I think our emergency foster, Doby, is a Silver Back. His records indicate full Pug, but he is tall and skinny and his face isn't as flat as most. And his fawn is more apricot, and there is sorta a silver line down his back. Maybe you should hire Winston to do some investigating?

  8. Hey!

    I just started reading this blog!

    My adopted pug, Luna, has a longer snout and is leggy too. I've been wondering if she was a mix, since I rescued her, but I guess there are just leggy pugs, huh?

  9. We think it must mean that you are wise beyond your years.

  10. My Fooshe is long legged but is only 8 months old. The vet loves that she is not as flat faced and says she will not snore or have breating problems. Fooshe is the joy of our lives.

  11. I love this blog. My name is Anita and my little 8 month long legged put is Fooshe.
    She is the love of our lives!
    She is long legged and thin and is a fawn pug.
    I guess she will fill out but I do want to keep her healthy and thin.

  12. We have a long legged pug too! She is so sweet. She look a lot like your pooch.

  13. Hi there, just found this cause we just got Hank and he has a gray strip, longer nose and long legs, athletic body. We think he looks a bit boxer or boston terrier but I don't care. As his mommy, I just want to know how I lucked out to get such a handsome little guy :D