Monday, February 21, 2011

Life is unfair

You know how last week I prayed to be a better pug? Well I think God was on vacation or something because I'm in trouble again. I tried to eat a battery. How was I supposed to know batteries were a big no?! Besides I get bored when Mom gets in the shower. Lincoln sits by the bathroom door, waiting on Mom to get out. Shower time = explore time. What has Mom left out that I can eat?

Besides I don't know what the big deal is about the battery. I was just carrying it around in my mouth, it only had a few teeth marks on it. Mom has put everything up high now where I can't reach it. However, she left a bag of pasta on the kitchen table. Usually I can't get on the kitchen table because Mom turns all the chairs around so I can't use them as stepping stones to get on the table. My awesome Uncle Travis turned one of the chairs around though, so while Mom was taking another shower (humans take so many baths...I wonder why they don't take one every two weeks like me?) I broke into the bag of raw pasta. Now some people would think raw pasta noodles would taste as good as that battery did. Wrong. It was fantastic and I got it all to myself since Lincoln was still waiting by the bathroom door.

Unfortunately, raw pasta made my tummy hurt and I puked most of it up. Which is almost as bad as getting spanked, which I also got. Mom is really unhappy with my eating habits. Now I get locked up every time she takes a shower. Life is so unfair.


  1. Minnie, You are so like me - adventurous. I get a finger down my MAW all the TIME! I keep telling Mommy I am just exloring my world but she keeps yammering something about "SICK" and "PUKEY" and "DISGUSTING" whenever I explore.

    Noodles made you ILL? Impossible!!!!!

    Sigh and Love Noodles

  2. Oh Noodles, you are deep in it for sure. I too have had my phase of eating anything possible to eat. Have to admit, I also got a hold of some batteries from the alarm clock. Oops. Tell your mom that it starts to calm down at two. Good luck until then! It's a good thing you have such a cute face :)


  3. You certainly have a nose for trouble. Batteries, VERY BAD, noodles, not as bad, but still make you sick. Remember, just because it tastes good, doesn't mean it is good for you.


  4. Hu-mom was laughing at such a sweet, innocent face. She couldn't believe that you would do such a bad thing! You better watch it or you'll be spending a lot of time in solitary.
    We want you to be safe and healthy!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. I use shower-time as my big opportunity to pee in places it will take Mom weeks to see. It's a game and it is SUPER fun.


  6. If it's remotely edible, we eat it. Haven't tried a battery yet, but there's a first time for everything! Tallulah swallowed a wad of saran wrap once. That's why we get shut up in the bathroom with mom when she takes a shower. It's that or get put in our crates which we don't like if mom is at home. Sometimes, we go in the shower with mom, but not that often. The trash can is kept on the counter all the time because of us.

    PS, some pugs don't slow down at 2. We will be 4 in June. And although we aren't AS crazy as we were when we were puppies, we are still pretty crazy. Maybe when we're 8, we'll slow down.

  7. PPS Tallulah just pulled a leaf off the ficus tree, ate it, then threw it back up.
    You are not alone.

  8. I think it's in our nature to explore and find things to eat or destroy, I normally stay out of trouble but when it comes to food then I am all for it, Anything else I just walk away, battery's never interested me, but us pugs are all different in so many ways.


  9. Uh-oh...I got a battery once...not good and they didn't know until they found the plastic casing! Stay out of trouble, you are too cute to be in trouble!

  10. I wonder if you ate the battery would you walk faster or something
    Benny & Lily

  11. um wow yous really is in the dog house huh. yup and i thoughts for sure god was lookings out for you. PFT he took a good time to take a holiday didn't he!!!

    Have you ever visited little miss pearl's blog.
    yous and her have lots in common. Once she almost ates a toad and she then she ated chapsticks. At Christmas she ates christmas tags.


  12. Oh Minnie I'm sawwy you're in the "Dog House." I think you need to do something heroic to get on your mom's good side... Perhaps save Lincoln from something scary or be a good watch Pug. I don't eat things that I shouldn't but then again I am an older Pug and prefer to nap... Sometimes dryer sheets from the laundry room do strike my fancy and I try to eat those... Good luck!

  13. Minnie, we just ate almost a 5lb bag of yukon gold potatoes. Our mommy wasn't too happy either. She shouldn't have left them down where we could just help ourselves right?
    Uff-Da, Pugsly, Angus, and Rufus

  14. You can't just eat everything you find Minnie! Yous is gonna hurt yourself.

    woof - Tucker

  15. Hi Minnie,

    You look so sad and cute at the same time. You are certainly one determined little girl. Batteries = Danger and we all want you to be safe!


  16. Have you tried your Mom's cellphone. Franklin has and said it's delicious. Chewing on that will take your Mom's mind right off the battery, I promise.

  17. Hello Minnie! Mom thinks if I still had my nasal fold we would look like sisters :) So you like to taste too. If Mom takes a shower we sit in a bed in the bathroom so we stay out of trouble. Ok I stay out of trouble...Tuni is like Lincoln she wants to be with Mom 24/7.


  18. You and I have something in commom!
    I am a bad girl and eat everything I can get in to my mouth!
    I am glad you did not swallow the battery

  19. Oh Minnie... this is very impressive, indeed!

    I am right there with ya, sister. Just this weekend, momma found me attempting to eat one of daddy's HATS. Who eats HATS?! hehehe.... ME!!

    If we weren't around to keep these humans on their toes, no one would! Keep up the solid naughtiness!!!!!

  20. Oh my goodness minnie! a battery! jack and i also get bored when mommy goes in the shower so we usually run around and put holes in blankets and pillows but i've never tried a battery! mommy read it too and already warned us not to try it! i'm sure you're mommy will forgive you soon!

    oliver and jack

  21. Oh no! Sounds like you're okay now. Mom gets upset that I like to swallow things faster than she can pull it out of my mouth. So far I haven't been too bad, she keeps things out of my reach.

  22. OMD Miss Minnie!
    You are a naughty Girl.
    Ha haaa... your Mommy has to Minnie proof your house :o)))
    I was hoping to see pictures with you having raw pasta all over your face...

    Neeko :o)
    P.S. I get into trouble outside when I try to have some exotic desserts, like bunny droppings ;o)